Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Week In Review 12/04/10

On My Mind~

~Advent.  Peace.  Preparation.

~Christmas Pageant!  It is next Saturday, Dec. 11. 

~Looking forward to our very special saint study this month: St. Juan Diego and the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Thanks for all the ideas you gave!  I've put them in my mental file for next year.

Our Week's Activities:
 Date Night.

Pageant project needed working on.  I was so blessed to have these good friends... out bunches and bunches!  They, and another lovely mom, Michelle, are helping out with the pageant.

Oh, ....sheepishly escaping from my mouth...we enjoyed this as well ;)

Choir and Piano practice.

First Friday Mass and donuts.  (Our little tradition is to stop and buy donuts after First Friday Mass.)

Finish school and then start putting up our  Christmas decorations.

All Subjects:
Wrapping up and preparing for big semester finals.  Last day of school is Thursday, Dec. 9

History (the most enjoyable subject this week, for all.)
*Mabel studied St. Rose of Lima and the country of Peru.

*Ester finished studying up on life in the thirteen colonies.  She was amazed and shocked at the persecution the Catholics had to bear in this country.  Except for Maryland,  which was started by Catholics for all faiths and then quickly taken over by the Church of England,  Pennsylvania was the only colony open to all religions including Catholics.

*Sally finished up a chapter on Feudalism...after the death of Charlemagne.

Reading: (focusing hard on quarterly book reports.)

*Ester finished her book, Augustine Came To Kent.  It was a T.O.U.G.H. read, but she did it and we are very proud of her.  Now she begins writing her book report.

*Sally is finishing up her rough draft for her book report on The Winged Watchmen.

*Mabel is reading St. Francis of Assisi.

*Enjoyed our first week of advent books...

*Stan loved! loved! loved! his first book.

 He has  two more concept "tests" in it and will move on to his second book. 


I'll leave you with our Advent reading list for the second week of Advent...based on Christmas Mosaic, by Cay Gibson.

Theme: Giving/Santa Claus/ St. Nicholas

(A note on The Polar Express::  I just love that movie!  That hot cocoa scene?   Oh!  I just want to jump through the screen and climb onto the train!)

Again, almost all of these are from the local library.  (They also make beautiful gifts.)


Please feel free to join in on this fun blog hop at Jen's Forever, For Always, No Matter What.

And may your Advent continue to be full of prayer, peace, and beauty. 



  1. You had a busy week! Good luck with the pageant. Love all the Advent books, Clown of God is my absolute favorite book!!! Thanks for faithfully linking up each week!

  2. You have a few books there that I have not heard of- that does not happen very often. I love picture books! Especially advent/Christmas ones. I'll have to go check that out. I hope the pageant goes well!

  3. I can't believe you ate that cheesecake all by yourself. Yeah, don't you try to tell me different. I *know*.


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