Thursday, December 16, 2010

On My Mind...

*Why is it that the threat level raises to  RED, compliments of my littles....right after I go to confession?!?! 

*Wishing just once that.... my house was cleaned, cupboards stocked, laundry done...all at one time!  (Are fairy godmothers available on Craig's List?)

* For the sake of chores were put on hold till school wrapped up last week.  

Lovin' the clean toilets!  I  want to put up a sign on all toilets ..."No one is allowed to poop... for three least!"  


Done venting.


Around our house...

Science continues~

David and Stan went out into the woods last Sunday.  Stan says that he'd like to be an archaeologist (amongst other things) when he grows up.

Look at what they found!

The skull of a wild, baby  pig.  Stan thought it was the coolest thing ever!!!  (I kind of thought it was cool, too.)  It still needs to be bleached and the teeth glued down tight.


Postcard Buddies~

We received another postcard this week.  Yeah!

Isn't it fun?!  Sparkles and all!

This one came from Kat and family over at Pappa Doodles.  We know Kat and family when we all lived up in Illinois and belonged to the same homeschool group.   They moved shortly after we moved...but in opposite direction!  Drat!

Always open to more postcard buddies.  Just ask for my address.

**At this point, I probably will not have the US map up on the wall till after the holidays.**


A couple people asked about the kids' Christmas trees and our learning room(s). 

So ...come on in and I'll give you a tour...

The game room upstairs is where we pray, pledge, and play...where Stan and Mabel learn and grow.

By the way, I took these photos right after we cleaned.  It doesn't always look like this ;)

Stan's parking spot is on the left...Mabel's is on the right.

I found that my students need their own "quiet" learning room as they  reach the higher grade levels.  This is Sally's learning room (a.k.a. her bedroom).

David built her bookcase some years back.

Ester upgraded to her own "quiet" learning area, too.  She is doing so much better this year with fewer distractions from the others.

This is Mabel's tree...

And this is Stan's little tree.  (Can't trust him at ground level just yet.)

We are enjoying our first week of Christmas vacation!
Advent Blessings~


  1. You'll have to let me know if the "No Pooping" sign works! :-)

  2. Love the trees! I have really wanted to do this for a few years now, but I am not sure we are ready yet. Maybe next year. I'll watch the after Christmas sales for cheap lighted trees. :)

  3. I hear ya, I would love to find a way to keep the house entirely clean for more than 3 seconds. Usually I am in one room cleaning and 2 "helpers" are in the other room destroying it. Their favorite task lately is pulling all the TP off the roll and then stuffing it in the toilet. Sigh.

    Anyway, next week is our cleaning week. I might need to run to the hardware store for duct tape - to stick the littles to the wall!! :) Kidding of course, then I would really need Confession :)

    Love the peek into your learning space and the bedroom trees!!

  4. Wow Patty! Great cleaning job, everything looks great. My girls desks are not visible at this time. :) Where do you find those thin tall trees? They fit perfect in tight spaces. I would love to put one in each of the girls rooms. Advent Blessings

  5. Beautiful pictures! I too like the trees a lot. Very neat ideas!

  6. The girls helped clean! They get some credit :)

    My mom had 9 kids, 5 very wild boys. She told us that one time, just trying to get the kitchen floor mopped, she tied the two oldest boys on chairs! Desperate times call for desperate measures - LOL

  7. thanks for the tour. we do not have an individual tree yet for Flower... perhaps next year. For now, she "enjoys" (pulls everything off of) our big tree.

  8. Kat~ The trees came from Jeffrey Alan's. Remember that beautiful store? They do not have one in TX, unfortunately.

  9. I love all the trees in the kids' rooms! I tried to do that, but the boys didn't care about it, so I just kind of gave up (for my own sanity!)!
    I'm playing "catch-up" this morning!

  10. Wow! Can't believe Stan and Mabel can sit that close together and do their work! Very impressive! Mine would drive each other crazy and me in the process! Looks great!


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