Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!  Hope you all have enjoyed a peace and blessings of the past two days. 

Christmas Eve usually finds us hamming it up for the camera...(love my remote)....heading to Mass ...enjoying  listening to Ester and Mabel in the children's choir... and this year, Sally did a beautiful job narrating the voice of Mary in the "teens" pageant.   

We also brought our Korean neighbor Kye (pronounced Kay), who was home alone on Christmas Eve.  She came over for dinner afterward baring delicious Korean pears. 

Watching our favorite version of Scrooge (with Albert Finney) brought some tired eyes and bedtime.  Santa arrived shortly afterward.


Christmas day ushered in peace, prayers, and quiet (when I woke before everyone - a first),  lots of joy, food, company, and brisk, fresh air.

I found Mabel and her friend Bailey partaking in what looked to be a rather deep discussion....most likely comparing notes on what Santa had delivered.    (Bottom-right photo above.)


Christmas night we watched another favorite Christmas movie, The Christmas Story and some televised activities from the Vatican (I just tear up when I see our pope blessing the children as their parents hold them out to receive such a gift.)  

Our day was completed  with an early bedtime for everyone!


May the peace and blessings of Christmas follow you throughout these days!



  1. That certainly seemed like a perfect Christmas!

  2. Looks like it was a most wonderful Christmas Eve/Day at your house!! We watched The Christmas Story for the first time last night and we really enjoyed it. Many Christmas blessings!!

  3. was that a self timed pic of the whole family? how wonderful. what a blessing that your daughter was the voice of Mary for the paegent. and the American Girl doll looks alot like your daughter.


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