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There is a beautiful Mexican tradition called Las Mananitas.  It is a traditional, Spanish, Happy Birthday song. 

The Lyrics:

Estas son Las mananitas

(These are the morning songs)

que cantaba el Rey David.

(that Kind David sang.)

Hoy por ser dia de tu santo

(For today to be the day of your saint)

te las cantamos asi.

(we sing to you like this.)

Despierta, mi bien, despierta!

(Wake up, my dear.  Wake up!)

Mira que ya amanecio.

(See that it is already dawn...)

Que linda esta la manana en que vengo a saludarte...

(How beautiful is the morning in which I come to greet you...)


Our parish has a very large Hispanic population.  On the eve of the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, our parish celebrates with Mariachi and Mananitas. 

This event marked the end of the novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

I took the girls to see how this custom honors Our Lady of Guadalupe.  We went after the Christmas pageant  - yes!  I was exhausted but I really wanted the girls to have this hands-on experience.

It was amazing!  It was beautiful!  The costumes were all hand sewn and just blew me away. 


The traditional story~

Long ago, after their conversion,  the Indians presented a dance to Our Lady thanking her for bringing them to God.  They sang this song.

Fast forward to the present, each parish that has a Las Mananitas group has their own parish dance and costume.  They perform the traditional dance on special days and events. 


After the dance and the mariachi, our assistant pastor, who is from Mexico, celebrated Mass at 11:00pm.  (We did not stay for that since we were so tired.) 

Definitely a wonderful way to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

And we are so excited for our Parish Posada this Thursday night. 


I am linking up with Homeschool Goodies, celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe!

Advent blessings~


  1. Love the statue with the candles and poinsettia. Beautiful!

  2. How cool that you can introduce that to your kids!

  3. oh you are so lucky to have this tradition at your parish! beautiful!

  4. How wonderful and exciting! This is something your kids will remember forever! What a special celebration :)

  5. thanks you for these words. I began reading your post and soon realized that this is the song that my friends in Mexico sang instead of "happy birthday" to their friends, on their birthday of course. Because my Spanish was kind of weird back then, and my friends' diction could really use some help, I never got the whole thing. Thanks! It sounds like a very special church celebration! Happy holidays.

  6. Thanks, Patty, for linking your wonderful post to the Homeschool Goodies O+L+G Link Up! Make the best of what Advent is left and have a Blessed Christmas!

  7. Dear Patty,
    What a wonderful opportunity for you to have. It would be wonderful to see such a lovley tradition.
    I loved visiting and getting to see new ideas and thoughts.
    Looking forward to more visits


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