Monday, December 6, 2010

Jolly Old St. Nick

Hot cocoa drinks to celebrate the Feast of St. Nicholas!


St. Nick stopped by our house last night and left some goodies for the kids.  It seems that each year he does something different for the littles.  Always a surprise.

This year, the littles woke up to this...

And she was the early riser...

I know the movie Nicholas, the Boy Who Became Santa is available through Netflix, but this Mama is not always on the ball and forgets to rent it in time for the feast of St. Nicholas.

St. Nick finally realized this, and the kids were excited to receive their own copy. 

St. Nick also realized that the Little People Nativity set may not be as much fun to play with anymore.  An "older kid" set was now in need. 


For the past six years I have been making a candy cane coffee cake for the littles.  We enjoy it on this special feast day.

A thumbs up from little man means the weight of gold coins.

I found my recipe in one of those check-out lane, Pillsbury Christmas cookbooks at the grocery store.  I scanned and pasted a copy of it here.  

(If it is too difficult to read for you and you'd like a copy emailed, just let me know.) 

Happy feast of St. Nicholas y'all!


  1. Your Feast Day looks great...I hope to post mine soon, too.

    As for the hot cocoa river....we have a spiller too. I have found that she spills a lot less if she drinks all her beverages in a sturdy coffee mug. It is harder to tip and she usually needs to use two hands. She still manages to dribble down her front, but much fewer tipped drinks. A paper or plastic cup will almost surely be tipped by A!!

  2. Happy Feast Day! What fun treats the kids received:+) You reminded me that I picked up a cute Charlie Brown and Peanuts nativity play set and forgot to put it out this morning! (Better go get it for an evening St. Nick surprise;-). Awww, we all have those spillers and breakers! Is this God's way of reminding us we are not perfect or in control, or what? I absolutely would love the e-mail with the candy cane coffee cake: I picked up the ingredients to try your chocolate mint cookie bars too. Love new ideas and recipes! Peace and blessings to you this week.

  3. The candy cane looks delish! How cute that Stan is giving a thumbs up!
    Our kids used to always get a Christmas movie, coloring books (when they were younger), and a piece of chocolate. St. Nick must've thought my boys are too old now...he forgot to come! :D

  4. We have a spiller here too, actually I should say two!! Always keeps things interesting. Love the candy cane coffee cake! The St. Nick movie is one of our favorite. Happy Feasting this week!

  5. We have that Playmobile set and have had it for years - it never really gets put away. They play with it all year round. Infact, it's on a table in the school room right now. It was definately a good purchase!

  6. Oh! I love the coffee cake.

    Spills are more usual than not around here to. Plus we have two dogs- I took pictures of our feast day today *after* I cleaned up from them. I was not meant to have pets.

    Life may not be perfect, but it looks pretty darn close! :)


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