Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dickens on the Square

Thanksgiving weekend....after the cold front was gone...we headed to a Dickens On the Square.  It was fun to see the sites and sounds of Christmas.

I saw online that they were giving horse and buggy rides for free!  (I am notorious for being a bargain hunter.)

That was really fun for all of us.  We went past a row of historic homes built in 1867 and "younger".  I had a few scenes from Little Women running through my head while riding in our buggy. 

And more sites from that afternoon...

The weather was enough to sip on hot cocoa....warm enough to get away with only a jacket.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!



  1. That looks like fun!! My kids would have loved the horse and buggy ride too. Sometime this weekend we are going to a drive-thru nativity scene :)

  2. what a great bargain! and outdoor activities are such fun especialy when the weather is not frigid. Is that the 3 Wise men?? very cool.


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