Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wrapping Up Our Week 11/26/10

On My Mind~

~My mother and father's anniversary today.  Proud of my mother for the courage she shows every single day as she mourns her beloved.

~So thankful for a niece who is home.  She has some recovering to do but can do it at home and not in a hospital room.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers since she has a little ways to go yet.

~So thankful for, love, faith, family, and friends.

~So excited for Advent!


Our Weekday events:

~Played outside (a LOT)  in the gorgeous weather! 
~Piano lessons.

~(Ditto on the gorgeous weather)

~Stan has another sinus infection.  (Weeds like this weather, too.  Stan and weeds do not get along.)  I turned on the a.c. and made a quick pre-holiday trip to the Dr's. office.
~Thanksgiving preparations after school finished up.

~Start reading Voyage of the Dawn Treader to the kids.  (They are soooo excited for the movie to come out next month!)
~We stocked up on some hobby supplies to occupy our time over the long weekend:

Our tough moments this week~

*Ester started a new chapter.  That dew point can be a tough one to wrap a young brain around! 

*Mabel....this is a tough one this week.  Introducing possessive pronouns to a second grader...with the difference between singular and plural possessive...all the while, maintaining the whole singular and plural nouns concept that you previously taught. 

Yowzer! A whole lot of blank stares from her... a lot of forehead rubbing from me!  (I think her light bulb eventually clicked on.) 


Thanksgiving day traditions~ 
(Not that you really care to know....but... just in case you do *wink*)

~Name drawing for the Christmas gift exchange takes place on Thanksgiving day.  (Amongst the kids)

~Christmas parade on t.v. is hit or miss. 

~If the weather is nice, we head to the park after our meal.

~The bin of Christmas movies comes out for the season.  We will watch the first one on Thanksgiving night.

~Cannot forget the bin of Christmas music!


Please join in for more fun at Jen's Forever, For Always, No Matter What.

May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. What's Mabel learning this week in English??!! I think I would flunk 2nd grade :) Glad your niece is on the mend, we will continue to pray. Thanks for linking up again! Oh enjoy the Dawn Treader, the boys finished it a bit ago and can not wait for the movie.

    Wishing you the Happiest of Thanksgivings!!!

  2. What a great idea to draw names among the kids! Hope Stan feels better soon. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, sounds like you have a fun day planned. Thanks also for your kind words.

  3. So glad your niece is home! Will keep her in my prayers. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. The dew point is too confusing for this mama to wrap her brain around!
    I completely forgot about drawing names for Christmas! We used to do ours on Thanksgiving night when we were growing up! oh, the excitement! :D

  5. I like the hobby supply idea! I have some craft kits stashed away that I am going to go find. Sounds like your Thanksgiving weekend is similar to ours- my boys have never seen the Thanksgiving Day parade, so we are going to walk next door to Grandma's to watch it.

    Thanks for sharing the good stuff and the tough moments!


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