Friday, November 19, 2010

Wrapping Up Our Week 11/19/10

~On My Mind~

~ Thankful for...making the choice to homeschool!

~Much happier with the slower pace in our weekday activities.  The key?  Learning to say no without guilt!

~Really looking forward to the Advent season.  I love all the Advent ideas that mothers put online!

~Reminded daily how charming little pre-school boys can be...when they want to be :)

Mabel's baptism birthday.
Christmas pageant plans coming along nicely.

Extra art activity...actually for Stan and Mabel but the big girls wanted to take part as well.

Little Flowers Club/Little Woman's Hospitality Club

Piano lessons are really moving along. 
Mass and Adoration.

Field trip to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum...really, really cool! 

*Melissa, from another group in the DFW area, set this field trip up.  Job well done, Melissa! 


Needing to keep this post short and sweet this week, I'll put the spotlight on...  


We studied the about the life of St. Elizabeth of Hungary

We used some ideas from Waltzing Matilda.  She does a fabulous job drawing! 

When we study a saint in-depth, we also collect the holy card that goes with that particular saint.  The kids punch holes in them and put them on a key ring for safe keeping. 

We started doing this when the oldest ones were little and needed something to "play with" in church.

I now need to decide which two saints we will study up on for December. 

Do any of you have a favorite December saint....beside Saint Nicholas?!   (We "review" him each year. *grin*) 


Please join in for more fun at Jen's Forever, For Always, No Matter What...


  1. You had another busy week. How about Juan Diego on December 9 (and then Our Lady of Guadalupe on Dec. 12). I'm planning to introduce my daughter to St. Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe this December. and I can't wait!! Vee at Paper Dali has great saint dolls of both of them.

  2. We had a great time learning about St. Lucy last year. Juan Diego is also a great saint for children. There is so much wonder to his story- plus there is a great children's video, Juan Diego-Messenger of Guadalupe.

    I *love* the art project! Even my 17yo still jumps in when she gets a chance.

  3. Wonderful week and things to be thankful for:+) Oh how I love those handprint turkeys! We ditto the other Saint suggestions and also enjoy St. Francis Xavier and St. Pope Damasus in December. Love that key chain idea...We put ours in a binder with trading card plastic inserts. I think I'm going to make one like yours for my 2yo to take to church. Thank you!

  4. St. Nicholas is definitely my favorite Dec. saint! :D
    Does he visit your kids on Dec. 6th?

  5. Hi Patty!
    The kids artwork is beautiful! I love the turkey and noodles idea! We enjoy celebrating St. Lucy's feast day also and Our Lade of Guadalupe!
    Thanks again for linking up to the Thankful Hearts Blog Hop :)

  6. Hey, I read this post on Friday and forgot to comment, someone or something must have distracted me! Imagine that. That turkey craft is really cute, I might have to borrow that one. I like Gardenia's suggestions for the saints in Dec. We love Juan Diego and we always go see Christmas lights on the feast of St Lucy. Thanks for linking up your week!!


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