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Wrapping Up Our Week 11/05/10

On My Mind~
*Hard to believe that we are at mid-term for the second quarter!

*In Texas, public schools take the entire Thanksgiving week off.   Still contemplating if I want to do that this year.    If I school up to Thanksgiving, I'll have a three week break at Christmas...cowabunga!  On the other hand, taking off the entire week of Thanksgiving would be nice as well. 

Hmmm...what to do...what to do...

*My state of mind this week?  Stabilized.  I had to put some activities on the chopping block.  Decisions that make you feel guilty!


Cutting to the chase in highlights for our week...

Stan's adoption anniversary
Sarah had a babysitting job after school, just up the street.

I had some more student photos to take for another homeschool group in the DFW area.

Looking forward to Saturday~
Homeschool group All Saints Bon Fire
Sally's baptismal birthday


1.)  Ester continues to study the French settlers and their contributions in the New World. 

Some courageous heroes in early American history are:  Cartier, Champlain, Saint Fr. Isaac Jogues, Fr. Marquette and Louis Joliet, and Fr. Hennepin.

The latter three are very dear to my heart since I grew up in a river town along the Illinois River, a river used for much of their exploring.  There are numerous towns along the river named by these explorers/missionaries.

**Did you know:************************
A.  That Louis Joliet had once been in the seminary but his love for the wilderness called him out?  He later married and had a family.

B.  That the Mississippi River was originally named the River of the Immaculate Conception?

2.)  Sally started a new chapter on the growth of Christianity.
***Please pray for families of the souls of those murdered while attending Mass in Iraq on Oct. 31.***

3.)  Mabel studied up on Italy, Vatican City, and St. Francis of Assisi

Stan is doing great and seems to have found his groove.  This week we continue to recognize the color words and master left & right (not just hands and feet but pictures that show movement in those directions.)

These two books,  The New St. Joseph's Baltimore Catechism No. 1 and No. 2, have made my faith so! much! stronger!  I love studying these with the girls since they explain the why's and why not's of our Catholic faith.

I had 12 years of Catholic schooling and never received such formation to this degree.  Scratching my head wondering why these should not be required as part of the faith formation in Catholic schools...they use to be.

In honor of all the saints...we read I Sing a Song of the Saints of God, by Lesbia Scott.  I found it in Catholic Mosaic.  The kids really liked this one!

Switched out the book bins...Hello Thanksgiving books!

I'm thinkin' I would love to do a state-by-state postcard swap....anyone game?

Please join in for more homeschool fun at Jen's Forever, For Always, No Matter What...


  1. Hmmm...the Thanksgiving decision is a tough one to make! Personally, we're doing a 3-day Thanksgiving week and opting for a longer Christmas vacation, but there are pros and cons either way!

    Looks like y'all had a great week! :)

  2. I had no idea the Mississippi River was originally the Immaculate Conception! You do know that when I was typing the word Mississippi, I was singing the little ditty don't you?
    My 7yo still doesn't remember right to left or the days of the week for that matter.....completely unnecessary in his world I suppose.
    BTW - my sister is home, Ben is adorable!!! I will let her post pics first :) Thanks for your prayers and support. Thanks for linking up..twice!!! ;)

  3. I love the St. Joseph's Baltimore Catechism too. I am using the one for first communion with my 7 yo right now---it is so simple, yet thorough.

    We would swap postcards- just let me know.

    Great wrap-up.

  4. I love the book bin idea. Right now, all of ours are on a shelf and I am constantly trying to fit "just one more" on there. Looks like I need to make a trip to WalMart. We, homeschoolers, should really take stock in plastic bins :) Following from Jen's wrap up. Have a great weekend!

  5. Loved this post! Its always nice to see what others are doing in their school year. (Homeschool group All Saints Bon Fire) FUN!
    Baptismal birthday, what a wonderful idea! I am ordering the book, I Sing a Song of the Saints of God, by Lesbia. Looks great! Have a wonderful weekend! Blessings Catherine

  6. Lots of great stuff going on over there! Don't you love learning a long with your kids? I think I've learned more in my 6 years of homeschooling (both about history and our faith) than I did in all of elementary school! Bon Fire sounds awesome, look forward to photos;-)

  7. I had no idea the Ms. was originally called that. Even CH (who knows a lot of little facts) said he had no idea.
    I'm in for the postcard swap! Sounds like fun!

  8. Looks like a great week. I need to chop some activities too. We do plan to take a couple days off around Thanksgiving, but want three weeks at Christmas.

    Hey, there is a postcard swap on yahoo for homeschoolers. Email me if you want the info. - Kat


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