Monday, November 1, 2010

Sweet Disposition

This boy loves his dad!  He loves to hang with him whenever he can. 

His newest fave:  drilling screws into a block of wood while David works in the garage. 

Man time.  It's a good time!

This boy also loves his food.... and enjoys every! single!  bite!

Eating.  Savoring.  Breathing.  Enjoying...even with ketchup in the corner of his mouth!

Never able to sit still. 

Always more room to heap on extra helpings of love.

The rest of us just love getting out to those birthday dinners...(especially Mama!) These were taken last week during Sally's birthday dinner.

More festivities and feasts to come this week....kind of wish they had more of an even spread throughout the year.  I could get really hooked on this eating out routine (wink!)


I've attached a button (Adoption Built Our Family) to help promote adoption.  It will take you to a fabulous blog called Forever, For Always, No Matter What!  Jen is the mother to SIX beautiful children, all adopted!  She and her amazing husband are a wealth of information on adoption...who just happen to love their Catholic faith and homeschool as well.

Jen will have a host of information throughout the month of November.  So, climb aboard, enjoy, and be inspired!


  1. aww, thanks for the link love!! These are great photos. I am looking forward to posting your story - it will be a blessing to many :)

  2. great photos of your babes. and of you and hubs too. I love jen's blog, and am on board to check our her adoption posts all month -- got the button too!

  3. That Stan is so stinkin' cute! We do the same thing for birthday gives me a break, too! :D


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