Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hodge Podge: Part I

(Anytime) Gift Ideas:

Firefly Pluffy Clay Jewelry and other accessories.  I found this article in Family Fun magazine a little while back.  We recently tried it out and enjoyed the fun and ease of it.

I made this charm necklace as a birthday gift for Stan's godmother.  The kids each imprinted one thumbprint on a flower and then I initialed the back.  This way, she would know whose thumbprint each belonged to and she could wear them close to her heart.


The prints are hard to see in this photo.  But, she loved it!

This next gift (which you probably have already seen before) can be found online at most Catholic stores. 

Sacrament keepsake boxes. 

I purchased our children's keepsake boxes at a local Catholic store when we lived up in Illinois.  I have also given them as gifts.

Every time one of the children makes a sacrament, we keep the cards, candles, gifts, veils, etc. all tucked neatly inside.  Each year when we celebrate their baptismal birthday, they enjoy going through their personal belongings and reminisce.

I know you can find them here  on sale.


Tea Time:

Tea has not always been a favorite of mine.  Hubby dear told me that I needed to take a more mature approach to my drinks a year or two ago...and so I tried.  Reluctantly. 

Now I like it.  And my mother has me hooked on the brand   Twinings.

Depending on my mood or the time of day...I really enjoy Lady Grey with a bit of honey.  The Irish Breakfast is a good choice as well.


You Tube:

And wanting to share yet another wonderful You Tube video...click on this.  Our dinner guests also introduced us to this one, and it brought a tear or two to my eyes.

Because Life's For Sharing...


  1. I always like your "variety" posts! Good stuff :)

  2. I love twinings -- and Lady Grey. nothing beats coffee tho! I've not seen those keepsake boxes before. they are lovely. i have a big keepsake box for my daughter -- it holds a lot of things!! including plane ticket stubs from our flight home from Guatemala with our girlie! and lots of other things, including baptism keepsakes and cards, and her baptism candle. great video!

  3. Hi Gardenia,
    All of my kids have one big bin as a keepsake...Stan has two (one from Korea). I use these just for sacrament items. Glad to hear other moms keep those things as well.


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