Monday, November 15, 2010

Here We Go Again

Monday.  Another week.  Where was I when the weekend happened!? 

It goes so fast anymore, and I try to slow it down ...dragging my feet...grabbing the anchor.  But, I never win.  It is inevitable.

We had our trade show this weekend and even though we are thankful for the business, it does suck the life of one whole weekend... out of our lives...every month. 

Trying to salvage something out of our weekend, I opened the front door to welcome an old friend...the impromptu dinner gathering.

You know those moments when you have the time to share but you don't have all the fancy fixings to compliment it?  You stop and weigh it out.... friends over for a fun evening of laughs....or... pass because you haven't prepared a gourmet meal??? 

Hmmm...I'll take the friends over for a fun evening...with instant potatoes and all!

Those potatoes, by the way, made a very nice addition to David's smoked ham.   Oooohhh!  It smelled so good when he brought it in late Saturday evening that I  knew we were going to share it with somebody. 

Sunday night was a time for good friends, good food, and good laughs. 

It was a time when I grabbed hold of that anchor and held on fast.  And time slowed down.  Briefly, but it did slow down.


I love the weather in Texas. 
And I love that the roses bloom forever down here!   (This is in my backyard.)


Today we celebrate Mabel's baptismal birthday.  Seven years ago today, our little chunky monkey was brought into God's family.  What a blessing she has been to our family!

She received a new Thanksgiving book as a gift along with a birthday song and lit baptismal candle.


Our dinner guests shared a really neat YouTube video with us last night.  Not sure if you are old enough to remember the band Toto and the song Africa....but...this link will show an amazing a capella version of the song.  Note:  pay close attention to their sound effects!

You will want to show your kiddos this one  ~   Enjoy!


  1. Cool video!
    It took three claps of thunder before I realized it was their feet!

  2. That was a great youtube! I love that song, I will show to the kids tomorrow. I just watched it with Bob and I was referring to the beat box guy and I said how many times during his life do you think his mom told him to "just be quiet all ready!!" Ha! Now he is getting paid to make noise! Thanks for passing that along.

  3. Happy baptism day to your blessing. she has a great smile. great video. loved the simulation of the rain.


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