Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Handy Man I'm Not!

But I am thankful ...

when my brain does finally click... and sometimes it takes a little bit for that to happen.

Take poor Ester.  She has complained about not sleeping well since we moved into this house.  It's been like ...3 years now?  Longer than  that.

Ester has a bright bedroom that she shares with Mabel.   The window treatments just don't cover it for her needs.     

This is the window...notice the arch in the window?  The blinds do not cover them and the pretty, embroidered curtain panel is too sheer.  I happened upon these Eclipse Kids curtains at Target on sale for $13.?? 


This is also the part were I wish, for the millionth time, that I knew how to sew!  (Sigh...oh well, someday...)

Here is what they looked like hanging up in the morning.

Now we could not leave them like that...too heavy and stiff to open my brain clicked...

Sassy-looking fringe to use as tie backs...easy for little fingers to work with.  Isn't it nice when the brain just clicks?

The verdict?  Ester slept in one hour longer (priceless)...Mabel woke up one hour earlier (Can't win them all!)


Okay.  So I originally went to Target looking for a new "dresser" for Stan the Man. 

I read Jen's brilliant way of creating a family closet and decided to tweak it and give it a whirl.

My goal?  To cut back a bit on the clothing/ mess stress.  This is Stan's new and temporary dresser in our walk-in closet.

Ha..ha!  You all have to ignore our laundry basket on the floor and the ironing pile on top of Stan's dresser.  Not that proud to want to retake the shot.  Oh well.  Dirty skivvies are a part of life, right? 

What about the girls' dressers?  Well, you don't fix what isn't broken, right?!  (wink)

I'm thankful for Jen's great idea!


My kids love peanut butter.  Period. 

I know certain brands are not that healthy for them.  Most likely the ones that I have purchased in the past.
So...with my Vitamix...I made my own...the healthy way :)

That was the first batch almost gone.  The recipe yields 1 3/4 cups which lasted two weeks in our house. 

Thank you, Vitamix, for the great recipe book!


Last night we had David's cake and ice cream.

This is the kids' reaction to 'secretly' placing trick candles on the cake...

Thankful for the laughter of childhood...and for a good sport of a husband.

(At this point, I am so over cake, ice cream, and Halloween candy! )

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  1. First, love the curtains and the tie-backs! I can't sew either, maybe someday...
    Second, the closet looks great! I hope it works as well for you as it is for us. Why oh why didn't I start this years ago!!
    Third, we so need a Vitamix, we go through peanut butter like crazy!
    Glad your husband had a great birthday :)

  2. I love these kitchen sink posts you do, where you talk about several subjects. the curtains are adorable. Target has some great things for girls' bedrooms, I have found. lovin the purple. I'm finally taking note of your three girlies' resemblances to each other -- and to you! It's easy when they are pictured next to each other. Thankfully, we don't (yet) have the problem that larger families probably encounter with trying to keep the clothes of everyone organized.

  3. Great post Patty! Your curtains look great and your organized closet is inspiring! I am not familiar with Vitamix? Also, your husbands birthday pics are priceless! You've captured pure joy in you children :) I don't sew either :( but wish I had the time and skill to learn!
    Thanks for visiting my Wordless Wed. post today and linking up to Thankful Hearts Blog Hop again!
    Have a blessed day!

  4. The tie backs for the curtains are adorable...and so girlie!
    Laughed at the kids pulling a fast one with their dad! too cute!

  5. I am impressed how you "fixed" those curtains! Love how you mix it up with your posts:-)


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