Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fun Times

Saturday was a big day in our house.  A lot of action.   A lot of flurry and commotion.  Spirits were high...really, really high.

We began by celebrating Sally's baptismal birthday.  Not going overboard and trying to just remember the meaning of that day, we sang to her with her baptismal candle lit, looked through her baptismal cards, and then gave her a faith-based gift.

This year, we gave her the book Saint Edith Stein Blessed By the Cross

I love that my kiddos love to know all about God's friends.  She read it all by nightfall!  Craziness! 


Later in the morning, Stan was ready to go scouting some prime, pig hunting ground with David. 

Ya' think he has an imagination?!


Next up was a bon fire in honor of All Saints Day.  We were joining our homeschool group for this fun evening.

It was a blast!

Down on the farm...big boy toys...tire

I think about 45 of us had showed up...not bad for a family night.  (That isn't even half of our group!)

 I tried to snag pictures of the girls with their friends.  That was hard to do.   Between playing games, running and chatting, or exploring the woods and creek,  I eventually gave up.

At which point, The Moose came into the picture.  The hosting family...those country girls... they can hold their own I tell you!  They had that thing going through the woods before the boys ever did.

Finding Stan was easy...I just followed the fire. 

I have decided that Stan has officially grown addicted to fire after hanging around it all evening.  Eek! 

I kept wondering just how many splinters am I going to be picking out the next day, and will he have any eye brows or eyelashes left!  (As of this morning, one splinter and all hairs accounted for.)

Most of the kids enjoyed walking through the woods...I've never seen so many paths...nor poison ivy plants.  I'm thinkin' there may be a few poison ivy rashes appearing by Monday (wink)! 

The late evening ended with the "name - that- saint" game and a beautiful recitation of the Litany of Saints...all while standing around that big bon fire.   A really special moment that gave me goose bumps.  A truly wonderful evening filled with family and faith.


After baths and turning on the furnace for the first time, we set those clocks and climbed into bed.


And today is Sunday. 

I decided today, that this day is my favorite day of the year.  The day we set clocks back and gain that extra hour of R&R!

Hoping you all have a great week!


  1. How cool that you celebrate the anniversary of the kids' baptisms? I've never heard of that being done before, but how nice is that?
    Little boys and fire: magnets, just like little boys and mud!

  2. We loved that extra hour of sleep too! Looks like you had a really great Saturday. It must be a gene in boys that they love fire. Glad all hairs were accounted for!

  3. Fun, Fun! We need to be better about celebrating our baptismal days around here. I just love that:-) Blessings on your week!

  4. That bonfire sounds like great fun..especially the litany part!!

    You are such a sunny person! (that Texas sun rubs off, huh?)

  5. a very packed weekend. whenever family and faith are celebrated together, it gives me goosebumps too.


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