Saturday, November 27, 2010

Birthday Girl!

Today is my mother's birthday!

She is an amazing mother with an amazing family history. 

My mother's family comes from the 'Old World',  Ljubljana, Slovenia.  (Part of old Yugoslavia.)

Her family had an interesting life over in Europe.  Her paternal grandfather (my great-grandfather) was a body guard to the Archduke Franz Ferdinand.  At the brink of WWI, my great-grandfather was released of his duties and encouraged to take his family to safety in America. 

And so, the story began for this immigrant.  He arrived in America to find work and would send back for family members when he could afford it.  

 He had 10 children to bring over and my mother's father, Grandfather Louis, was one of those 10 children.  Grandpa Louis was the only boy out of ten children!  That puts a new spin on 10 In A Bed, doesn't it?  (In Slovenia, Grandpa Louis' bed was in the barn.)

Not all the children came to America, but Grandpa Louis did.  I never met Grandpa Louis since he passed away when my mother was only 17 years of age. 

I heard he was a great singer and he even played the bells in the church steeple with hammers.  Imagine that job!

In the past 10 years, my mother has made two trips to visit her father's homeland and visit with family that still lives there.  The old family home still exists, and she was even able to go to the church where my grandfather was baptized as an infant. 


We are only able to see my mother twice a year.  She flies down once a year...

We LOVE when she comes!

When she flies down to Texas, we love to show her a good time.  She leaves exhausted but is a good sport.

 This past spring, we took her on an old steam engine train and headed to Fort the historic Stockyards

I talked her into posing with these two fellas...

There is a saddle on that longhorn for anyone to sit on.  Mom wasn't going to get in it for anything...even when the kind cowboy asked, "Would you like valet parkin'?"

I thought we were going to wet our pants laughing! 

So today we send her a giant Happy Birthday wish.  Happy Birthday, Grammy!!  We love you!!


  1. what a beautiful story your mother has and what a beautiful mother she is. and she was born on the feast day of the miraculous medal. how wonderful.

  2. That is a great story! Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom!

  3. How fun. Love the story, and the pictures of your Mom and the kids. Enjoy the rest of your visit!


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