Friday, October 1, 2010

Wrapping Up Our Week

Even though we are on break, I still have some educational items I can post.

Reading:  Brought out the bin of Halloween books. This always makes the littles' day.   I have a bin for each season...with miscellaneous books sprinkled throughout.  I rotate the bins by the season.

A side note:  I found that this keeps the excitement up every time I take a bin out.  They look at the "same old" books as though they are brand new!


Speaking of new...

I started a new tradition in our house. After they complete their quarterly book report that is required from Seton, I will purchase a new book for them...something they read for pure enjoyment.

Sally:  Josephina Learns a Lesson, (which she devoured in the first day.)
Ester:  Valkrist's Flight,  #2 in the Bella Sara series.  It is on magical horses, and Ester loves anything on horses.
Mabel:  Armadillo Rodeo, something adventurous for my adventurous little.
Stan: Who doesn't have a book report but still deserves a new book - Round up:  A Texas Number Book.


Fieldtrips:  We went to Fort Worth for some museum fun. Enjoyed a beautiful day at the parish fiesta.  One beautiful afternoon, we headed to Yogurtville.  My kids just LOVE Yogurtville.  Because it is a little on the pricey side, we only go for special occasions...(or when Mama has a coupon!)


PE:  The subdivision closed our pool...almost three weeks early!  Drat!  The good news, weather is now in the 80's so we can actually play outdoors. 

They were "fishing" on Tuesday.  Daddy wouldn't let them "play" with the real poles :)


Science: The first cold of the season has descended upon our household.

Practicing healthy hygiene!


Projects Around the House: 

1.  Washing down the ever-so-dirty walls.  Thank God for washable paint!

Our last house up north had lots of dark, warm colors...good for hiding any signs of little fingerprints.  After we moved, I wanted a change, and to keep things looking cool...I went with an off-white on most of the walls. 

Hello dirty hand prints!

2.  Cleaning the base trim...around the whole house!  What a chore.  I like to do this at least once a year.  It is amazing how quickly dust bunnies multiply!

3.  Converting my photos to digital.  I'll post about that one another time.


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  1. You had a busy week even though you weren't "doing school"! I wish we had a Yogurtville...I can't believe how dirty and banged up walls can get.

    Thanks for linking up again!!

  2. Sounds like a fun and busy week, can't wait for the photo post!

  3. wow, imagine how busy your week is when you all are IN school. that's a nice tradition to start with a book for each at the end of the quarter. and I really need to convert from photos to digital too. have a great weekend.


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