Friday, October 22, 2010

Wrapping Up Our Week 10/22/10

On top of our full load of schooling with Seton...

Student Picture Day (last Friday):   I grow so anxious before each shoot...never wanting to make a mistake; to disappoint a family. I always ask God to help me...and He always does. 

I shot photos of some absolutely, beautiful children!

Fast forward late Monday night...

Feeling totally restless, I stayed up till 1am editing all the student photos.   I really felt it in the morning...but Girl, let me tell you.  That  rare "alone" time was totally worth it!

The verdict on the proofs?  Let's just say, it is awesome when it all comes together!

Field tripsYup... I know....just back from a nice two week break and we are doing field trips already!  You are probably thinking...."Crazy woman!  Poor kids!  Aren't they ever in school?"  (To the schooling question?  I am a super strict Mama when it comes to academics being completed.)

Tuesday:  Actually, our field trip to UNT Sky Theater was scheduled way back at the beginning of the school year.  I coordinated it for two homeschool groups...close to 100 people....lots of fun.  We viewed Solar System Tours.

Two thumbs up and  very educational!

Thursday:  Pumpkin patch.    What kind of mom would I be if we didn't go?!

I found that it is best to do it late in the season down here.  The heat has bad effects on pumpkins...they turn down right nasty by Halloween.

To make it even more fun, we brought our lovely neighbor, Cay*, who is from Seoul, S. Korea and  met up with a few other families from our group.  (More pics to come this weekend.)

*Cay is on the hunt for a statue of St. Andrew Kim Taegon for me!  She has connections you know (wink).


Extra Curricular:
Monday & Tuesday:
Piano lessons for the girls.  All are advancing so nicely.  I'm really proud of the dedication that they are putting into it.

Stan is taking an interest...hmmmm....we shall see.

1.  Our Little Women's program (Catholic version of Girl Scouts) and  Little Flowers group  (Catholic version of Brownies) were canceled two weeks in a row now.  Some yucky stomach bug is making its way through a handful of families.  (Praying it passes us....shudder....)

Since I had already scheduled the "free" time in, we decided to head to the local park.  The weather has been nothing short of  crazy gorgeous

We were able to meet up with a few other home schooling families who live in our area.

(This would be Mabel, monkey-ing her way up the rock wall.)

2. Children's Choir.  Ester and Mabel have choir practice every Wednesday.  They seem to really enjoy it and Ester is old enough to have received  her recorder


Sally finished her required book, The Winged Watchman.  (That child can digest a book so fast!) 

Ester is working her way through Augustine Came To Kent.  I think it may be just a bit too much for her, but I'm helping her through it with daily review questions on what she read the night before.

I'm trying not to second guess my decision on making her stick with it....(sigh...)...but she hasn't complained yet.

Religion:  Stan has taken such a liking to his new books, including his religion book, he announced at lunch the other day, "I know ALL about God!"  When we asked what he knew, his cute and humble reply was, "I don't remember."

History: Ester finished up on a part of history that I just LOVE!  The early Spanish explorers in the new world.

I love teaching my children about the Spanish missionaries and the important role they played in bringing Christianity to the New World. 

She is now starting the 13 colonies!  That is always a great unit.

**Any great book ideas that I could supplement with?**

Please join in for more fun at Jen's...Forever, For Always, No Matter What...


  1. You guys always have so much fun!! I LOVE home education :) So glad that picture day went well - I am not surprised. Thanks for being a faithful linking up friend - I am so blessed to know you!

  2. Spanish missionaries: that would make for some great field trips, no?
    I love that you're so organized, even putting in "free time" in your schedule! You rock! :)

  3. What great pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful week filled with adventure :)


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