Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Walking On Sunshine!

She had a grand day indeed! 

Her father and I gave her an iPod Shuffle...beside piano and Mom's Playlist...this is her "first" introduction into the world of music. 

We feel she is finally old enough...and it totally rocked her day!

She and I sat down to pick out music with her iTunes gift card.  (I want to make sure I know what is going on in her head!)

And after most of the country almost blew off of the map last night...(how 'bout it?)...we spent a sunny afternoon at a local park. 

This particular park has a gorgeous pond filled with ducks and geese...the kind that are well trained to receive food from mankind.

And before we knew it, it appeared the every bird heard of our arrival!  Yikes!

What a brilliant boy I have!

And where is Mabel in all of this, you ask?   Suffice it to say she doesn't feel the same toward feathered friends like her siblings do.

Take a look...

I've suggested to drop the bread...

...but she freezes in fear each time...

...and I'm gonna get the picture!  (Terrible, aren't I?!)

She has learned to settle for feathered friends who appear smaller than her ;)


Back to our birthday girl...

Her dinner guest this year was Miss C. (another beautiful young lady, I may add.)


Dinner was at Fuddruckers...yum!

...followed by a pumpkin cake.  (This was rather easy to decorate since I followed the instructions right off the Wilson's pumpkin-shaped pan.)

It was a grand day indeed...full of sunshine and simple pleasures! 

(The next birthday in our house is in two weeks...I'm almost too pooped to pop!)


  1. Happy Birthday sweetie! What a wonderful day you had, so glad as you deserve every moment of it.

  2. Pictures are so funny ;)
    Happy birthday to your little one.
    Mine is turning 3 on friday.

  3. The cake looks great! You are turning into quite the decorator :) I like the photo of the kids shadows in the water. Hope Sally enjoys her Shuffle - what a great gift!!

  4. Happy Birthday to an sweet girl!!
    I love that picture with the kids shadows/reflections in the water off the bridge...very cool!

  5. she had a beautiful day. with her siblings, and her fave friend, and her momma! and birdies! and sunshine at the park. happy birthday to your little girl!

  6. Happy birthday to your little girl. What a wonderful day it looks like it was!

    And thank you for the encouraging comment over at Training Happy hearts today! :)

    May you be blessed with huge birthday smiles all year long, since every day has its own reasons to celebrate!

  7. What an awesome day, Patty! You guys are so good about getting out and about, then sharing fabulous photos with all of us;-) Funny how families have those birthday groupings. Blessings to you and your blessings!

  8. Wonderful post, day, birthday girl, and cake! Happy Birthday!


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