Monday, October 11, 2010


 New sneaks and new toy with some of his birthday money.

Yes, he's even slept with it.  :)

Last Friday, I thought he needed some alone time with Mama.  We went for lunch...just him and I...nothin' special, just Target cafe...and he loved that! 

We stopped in the shoe department for the new sneaks and then hit the toy isle.  I'm telling you, there were flames coming out of his little 'ole pocket!

Afterward, I heard him telling Buzz, "Buzz, I FINALLY have you!  Aaaah...Buzz." 

That made up for all of his rather nasty tantrums he threw over the course of the week:)


  1. I had to laugh at him sleeping with it! That's how we knew our oldest really, really liked something: he would sleep with it!

  2. Love those shoes!! We are such Toy Story fans here - I don't blame him one bit for sleeping with his new toy. We just recently got a Toy Story 3 shower curtain :) Glad you had a fun lunch just the two of you.

  3. Ah, it looks like he is in Toy Story heaven! Sounds like he had a perfect day with you!

  4. what a joyful picture. and how wonderful that he wanted a little alone time with momma. happy birthday to Stan!


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