Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some Kind of Wonderful

My camera and I.

We know each other rather well...ha!  I'd say we even click.  Like all relationships, we grow more in-tune with each other every time I hold it in my hands. 

This particular camera and I have been together for four or five years now.  It is worn and showing my love marks on it.  I know just how it likes to be handled...and no one else is allowed to touch it

In case you haven't noticed, I love taking photos and capturing life.  Rememer the days of film only?

I was the crazed person who would come home with a roll of developed film and with shaking hands, I'd be ripping off my coat while practically tearing open that darn, sticky, film envelope with my a wild animal...filled with anticipation to see how my photos turned out. 

And that is pretty spot on! 

I love to look at old photos and reminisce.  I am instantly  carried back to a date in time and remember things that I would not have if I hadn't looked at the photo in my hand.  Looking at pictures remind me of the blessings that I take for granted. 

So praise the Lord for digital cameras!


Next to my camera (and electric griddle), my  favorite gadget is my digital picture frame. 

I like to think it is not just for me, but the entire family.  It is strategically perched on my kitchen counter - the main hub of our household - where anyone can view the photos at anytime.  

Can't tell you how much fun it is to be gathered in the kitchen for cooking, eating, or cleaning, and someone points out a picture and we all laugh and remember. 

To hear laughter is so heartwarming.  It can be a cure-all!


Now... my littles will tell you that how much they appreciate the digital frame as well.

Being the crazed photo woman that I am, I am known to lose my cool when I find photo albums all strewn missing...pages torn...put away all hap-hazard....if they are put away. 

I wanted them to enjoy the pictures...but not mess with them. 

Coupled with limited space down here in the south, the digital frame made a great Christmas gift.

Late last winter, I started the project of transferring photos by scanning and then saving to USB ports.  I started with the present and worked back into time...I'm now at Christmas 2000.

Viewing the photos all the time reminds me to cherish the present more, knowing that with each gripe or complaint...I'll be in "next year" sooner than I think and will be missing the "present".


This past Sunday, I took the kids' yearly photos.

Who says home school students can't have school pictures taken?  I'll be taking student photos of two home school groups this fall.  I always look forward to those.   (My kiddos were the guinea pigs for the new background paper.)


  1. The pictures turned out great! I really need to invest in a "big girl camera"! :D

  2. I need to get my digital frame out again! I agree about the photo albums - they like to look, but I don't want them to wreck. The frame is a good way to view without touching!!

  3. Your kids are beautiful. I love the brown background, so much more flattering than the standard blue.

  4. I'm a picture taker nuit too. and we love our digital frame, but don't update it often enough. we shall do that! and what great school pictures you took of your children. they are each beautiful (and handsome!)

  5. Yes, I remember film. Still have a roll or two around here somewhere undeveloped. I still have yet to buy a digital frame! What brand do you recommend? Love, love, love the school photo's. I need you to come here and take ours. :)


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