Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good Medicine

God certainly knows what you need and just when you need it.  There is no better medicine than laughter and being amongst good friends.

God blessed my day with loving conversations with my mother, as well as prayers and kind words both in the blogosphere and through the internet.  He also encouraged my heart to "go out" and meet up with some fellow home school moms.


Tonight was our monthly moms' night out...a night that we hold sacred.  I had originally hesitated going...then decided I just may need it. 

You know that you are amongst good company when you can be crying one minute and then laughing till you almost pee your pants the next.  That was our night.  Good medicine!

The weather was gorgeous, and we enjoyed being able to sit outdoors on the patio.  We meet each month even though the players aren't always the same...depending on what is happening at home. 

We love to discuss our  faith...

...cry, eat, drink, and laugh.  Yes.  Good medicine! 

And I'm so blessed to know all the women in this group. 

And it just isn't the same, when still flying high from a good night with the gals, and you are trying to re-tell the story, the joke, the moment...to your hubby...and he doesn't get it.  But he smiles because you are smiling till your face hurts.  That is good medicine!

God knew what I needed.  Dad knew, too.  Good friends.  A good cry.  A good laugh.  Good medicine!


  1. What a blessing! God is good...Nothing like our faithful friends to provide us what we need;-)

  2. I am so glad you had a night out to laugh, cry, and refresh! We need those nights.

  3. How blessed you are to have friends with whom you can cry and laugh. that is surely a gift. Anniversaries of the heart are sometimes difficult. we carry our loved ones in our hearts and memories throughout our whole lives. and that is a great comfort.

  4. There really is nothing to compare to time with like-minded women who are walking the same road that you're on. It is such a blessing to have a group like this. It can be hard to get away, though, can't it? I really struggle with that - making/taking time for myself. Glad to hear that you did it and are refreshed to get back to "the grind" again in the morning!

  5. Hi Patty!
    Sounds like a perfect night with friends! So glad you had a wonderful evening!
    I've passed on an award to you and tagged you.
    Click here for more info:

    God bless,
    Tracy at "A Slice of Smith Life"


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