Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stealth Eating

A funny childhood story:

Mom had tried to "trick" us into eating spinach one night. 

I think there were seven or eight of us at the time, sitting around our long, wooden table that had long, wooden benches on either side.  We had said our dinner prayers and were talking amongst ourselves as we waited for our dinner plates to arrive.

As she served our salads first, she had this spunky sparkle in her eye and an unusual smile.

 First red flag in the eyes of a child....the spunky sparkle in a mother's eye...the kind that says she knows something that the her kids don't.

The next red flag was that the lettuce had a different color tone mixed in.  It wasn't the usual iceburg green salad...hmmm....

Well, it took just one of us to say something...then we were all looking and mumbling and forking through our greens.

That was all it took for my mother to blow.  She thought that she had finally fooled us; had one on top of us, but there were too many of us to fool.  The poor woman. 

She got an A for effort though.

It must have been a bad day because as soon as one of us started to mumble and complain, we all started to mumble and complain, and she blew!

She came over....said something about us not wanting to eat our salads, picked up a bowl and threw it up in the air.  She was obviosly very frustrated.

To make matters worse, we all looked up at her...then at the ceiling...then back at her...and then started to laugh.   The salad/spinach was all over the ceiling with dressing dripping down and a fork was strategically stuck in the ceiling tile and was swinging back and forth, back and forth.

Oh...the poor woman. 

I do not recall her every attempting to push spinach on us again.


So now, I am my mother's daughter. 

The difference is that David and I are going at it in stealth mode.

We purchased this Vitamix machine. 

We've been looking into them since July when my friend Kim introduced us to hers.  We are now eating fruits and veggies like never before.  

For breakfast, David makes a veggie/fruit smoothie for him and I.  This is what we put in it:

We have cabbage, frozen strawberries, zuchinni, apples (seeds and all), romaine lettuce, oranges (the white part is THE healthiest), grapes and frozen, cut up bananas.  (Yes, you can freeze bananas - without the peel.)

It tastes absolutely delicious!  Never thought I'd say that.

This will hold me over till lunchtime.  David usually wants something small on top of that. 

The kids?  They are drinking their fruits and veggies in their smoothies, sorbets, and even ice cream!  Yes, it makes ice cream! 

David and I believe in stealth eating ....just throw in a few veggies (carrots, cabbage, etc) and let the fruit cover the taste.  They don't even know!


But, I do have a small dilema.  I am absolutely addicted to these little babies...

Candy corn.  I have no self-control when these are in my sight.  For shame! 

Ya think it defeats the vitamix?!


  1. Oh boy - we love candy corn around here too...for a long time my other obsession was jelly beans! We like to drink smoothies in the morning and Bob has been after me to get a Vitamix. Did you purchase yours on-line? Looks like a yummy breakfast!

  2. Jen~
    We first saw a Vitamix on our trip up north. My friend had me sold. It is pricey, but we saw it as investing into our health. After some months of researching, we recently saw a Vitamix booth at the same trade show in Dallas that we were at. Everything he did sold my husband on the product.

    This machine will make soup in 8 spins so hard and fast, it creates heat to cook.

    It will make ice cream in 30-60 seconds.

    It came with a recipe book and there are oodles of youtube videos out there with even more great ideas.

    My personal favorite it

  3. that Vita mix machine sounds great. Luckily, my daughter eats all veggies and fruits and meats and breads. I know, I'm fortunate.

  4. Oh dear... candy corn is a weakness of mine as well! I especially love the pumpkins!

  5. We got our Vitamix a couple months back and LOVE it! My old blender died out when I was trying to mix up some baby food, so we needed a replacement. My hubby has been wanting a Vitamix for years, and this was the perfect opportunity. It works great!

    Many days, I'll mix up a "smoothie" for lunch for Todd and me and the kids will have some along with their lunch. They know what's in it and drink it anyway because it tastes SO good!

    It was crazy expensive, but so far, it seems to be a good investment for us.

    God Bless!
    Heather :-)

  6. Patti,

    Try these in your blender:

    They are delish!

    For the other commenter looking for a blender, we bought ours direct from Vitamix. They sell reconditioned ones that still have a 7 year warranty at a reduced price. You have to check their site from time to time to find the sale.

  7. We love our vitamix, but I haven't tried the green smoothie yet...I need to, we are not veggie types here. We have done soup...or should I say, I have done one else wanted it but I thought it was YUMMY!

    As for Candy I have to go buy some. That is ANOTHER food we didn't get in the UK!! :)

  8. Aw, good try mom!

    I've never heard of vitamix before, but your breakast looks delicious. I'll have to check them out :)


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