Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's a beautiful thing, isn't it?

Since our school break, I've noticed hubby and I getting to bed earlier and sleeping more sound.  It made me think about sleep....and the creatures of habit that we all are.

No matter who you are...where you are....it is sleep...you need.

We all have our favorite pillows and mattress types.  We all have our favorite positions...curling up, side sleepers, back sleepers.   And some of us even have our favorite thread counts! 

There are those of us who have a ritual, a routine...before we can sleep.  Warm milk, bedtime stories, bedtime prayers, a tousling of the hair, kisses goodnight...sleep tight...sweet dreams.

(That would be the night before Christmas...Mabel fell asleep with her Santa hat on.)

Some may prefer a glass of wine, a good novel, or a movie on the laptop.  There are those of us who just collapse...and are out, like a light.

Some need a light. A night light. Then there are those who require a sleeping mask.  Total darkness. 

Total silence...or not. 

There are those who need white noise makers, the whirl of a noisy ceiling fan, a song, a lullaby...to slowly drift into slumberland.

Some people need a big blanket...some need just a sheet....some, well, need both...if you are a middle-aged woman that is!

We have those who like to sleep with socks...or not....or sleepers that make little toes smelly and sweaty during the night. 

The window open with a small breeze...cool, crisp air....now that is a good sleeping aide.  Lying on your bed, looking out through the windows up into the clear night sky...twinkling stars....dream starters, those are. 

Crawling into bed...in the darkness...as to not wake your spouse or the slumbering baby....listening to their rhythmic breathing....in and out...in and out...smiling... knowing... they are off in dreamland somewhere.

Bad dreams.  Little ones who come to your bedside to let you know.  You hear them and allow them to crawl under the warm covers with you...until they are asleep again.

Or... they startle you as you roll over and there they are...staring down at you...you are up now with pounding heart!   Hubby always sleeps through those times!  You calm yourself enough and take the little back to bed...say a prayer over them...kiss good night.

Now where were we?  Sleep.  Oh, yes.  Sleep.

Not in your own bed?  Not near a bed?   Planes, cars, trains...they all contain sleepers.  There are those who can sleep just about anywhere. 

There are those who can fall asleep on the drop of a dime.  There are those who can sleep on their suitcase, waiting to catch that red-eye flight.  There are those who could sleep through a drill siren. You can do silly things to those sleepers.

There are also those who would wake up to a pin dropping on the floor. 

Good night.  Sleep tight.  Don't let the bed bugs bite.

Bugs?  Did I mention those who sleep walk and wake up to whatever...wherever...scratching their heads thinking and mumbling as they head back to bed...to fall back asleep.

Sleep can be allusive.  It is always when we need to sleep, or the alarm is set to go off in just a few, short hours, that we lie there...awake.  You pray for sleep. 

We can run on empty when we need to, during times of emergency or a crisis.  But there is always the inevitable crash landing.  The only remedy is sleep.  We all need sleep, a good night's sleep.

When our minds are full of worry, we find it hard to sleep.  Somehow, our bodies are finally able to fall into a deep slumber...and we awake to a new day.  Things don't look so dark or dismal the next day, thanks to sleep.

Sleep.  Isn't it amazing how the world looks so differently after a good night sleep?

So...now that I made you all wanting to take a snooze...may you all have a good night sleep and imagine that I'm waving my  magic wand across you, sprinkling magic fairy dust....good night...sleep tight...


  1. Yep, my eyes were getting heavy reading this post!

  2. ahh...I love to sleep!! I appreciate those rare nights when I get to sleep through the night without be wakened by someone who needs me~but I suppose someday I might miss that too!

  3. Ah....sleep! We just bought a sleep number bed to help with that department. Then the heat wave hit so it has been too hot to really sleep well anyway.

    Hey...thanks for always commenting and being so encouraging on my blog! I really appreciate it!


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