Thursday, September 9, 2010


These are from yesterday.  The road in front of our house was a small river...

Our back yard  quickly grew into a pond....

Because of the terrible rains, we had to cancel Little Flowers, the first class of the year.  Drat!

By 5pm, the rains finally grew into just a trickle in order for Ester and Mabel to attend choir practice at church. 
Sally and I dropped them off and were to Michael's to pick up some new yarn.  That's when the tornado sirens went off.  Seriously? Like, now?

After receiving the okay from David....who was at home near a computer...I drove the 1/2 mile over to church and found that Father C. and the music director had the children all safe and snug in the sacristy....still singing their little hearts out. 

It was precious to see Father C sitting and singing with them.  He told the parents..."Hey, we're safe in church.  I'm open for confessions!"

It dawned on  me...David and I have always "teased" that it would be great to "go" right after making a confession to a priest. 

I kind of looked up at the crucifix and thought to myself....Lord, seriously.  Now?!    It put things into perspective you could say.

The storm dissipated and I left with the girls once we had the all clear.

Poor little things were  scared to go to bed last night. 


  1. that is SOME rain you had! we've not had anything like that kind of rain in a long time. just sprinkles this summer. the best rains are the ones with leaves on the sidewalk and driveway -- Fall rains! stay dry!

  2. Wow!! You had some rain! Hopefully the worst is, did you get your yarn??!!

  3. Gardenia, I personally like the soft drizzles that last all day long...the kind that help you nap:)

    Jen, we dropped the yarn and left when David said it was okay to. We did go back this afternoon to buy was a great sale price and we didn't want to miss out on the sale!

  4. I thought about you when I heard the news. Glad y'all are okay!


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