Friday, September 3, 2010

Out Came the Sun

...and dried up all the rain. 

As the cycle of life continues, I found this little monkey waiting for me on a chair yesterday....

 can you not smile at that!

It was compliments of this little monkey....

God has such a wonderful way of telling you He loves you....through friends and family with special words, and through children, who have the purest of hearts and intentions.


So, this morning we were off to First Friday Mass.  Our little tradition we started two years ago.  First Friday Mass with donuts afterward. 

JJ, the beautiful, Korean woman, who owns the donut store up the street, absolutely adores Stan.

Stan loves coconut-topped donuts.  His all time fave!  And JJ knows this.  When she sees Stan walk in....she prepares a fresh, hot donut with coconut sprinkled on top. 

He always leaves her with a great big hug!

We love JJ, and I am grateful that God places the opportunity to meet other Korean people in our path...for Stan's sake.


Again, thank you for the uplifting words. 

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!  Relax and enjoy! 

We are off to a fantastic weekend....details next week. 


  1. ohh, I wish we had a bakery like that close by!!

  2. what a wonderful tradion you have of First Fridays Mass and then donuts.


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