Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

I just love birthdays!

 Ever since my littles were little, I have loved celebrating their special days.  It isn't just about them.  It is about this soul that God placed on earth.

A soul.... that makes the world completely different just by existing. 

And He lent that soul to David and mold into knowing, loving, and serving Him.

And that! is awesome!


These special days are our house.  We love life.  We are not near Grammy or Grandma and Grandpa Bill.  We are not near any of their 36 cousins.  But we have each other. 

Celebrating this little on her day was magical. 

We celebrated by hitting the American Girl store with some saved up allowance and birthday money.  Stan doesn't care much for the big, red store any more!  (Can't blame him.)

I love teaching my kids that the best things; the most appreciated things, are the things that you wait for... save for...sacrifice for.      


Because she is still our little princess, I found this present at Teacher's Tools.  (You can order online if you do not have a store nearby.)

It brought ooohs and aaaahs and giggles and laughs.  The goal is to collect seven elements of a fairytale...(not necessarily a girly-type of fairytale either)....the one who collects all seven elements first, wins.  Then...the plot thickens! 

The winner must put the elements together to create their own story.

ALL the kiddos enjoyed the game.


What is a special day without cake?

  So we had cake!

Little Mabel was full of happy dreams and birthday wishes when she blew out her candles.  Her dinner guest was Miss M. from our home school group. 

If you want, you can read about our family birthday traditions here.  It has another funny "growing up" story with it!  Note:  I guarantee a good laugh reading that birthday party story.

By the way...that was my first shot at decorating a cake.  Thanks to a glass of wine and a friend, Nadine, who showed me all kinds of helpful hints, I made it through the night.  

And oh my goodness!  How time-consuming!  Never knew.

But so worth it.  The oooohs and aaaahs that tumbled out of her little mouth was worth every cramp in my hand.


And you know you rocked a good one when....

.... you go to tuck the little in and she is already in bed, covers pulled up under the chin, and a big smile and twinkling eyes are looking at you; telling you what a grand day it was indeed!


  1. Happy Birthday to your girl! That store is one of our favorites too and that game looks like so much fun! We love birthdays here too but May-July is our big birthday season. And your cake looks great!

    Word verification: mabelene :)

  2. that's the best part for sure, when you see the joy in your child's face. what a beautiful group of girlies with their dolls, and how wonderful is that cake!!

  3. Wow! That looks like a perfect birthday. Lovely cake. Well worth the work, it turned out beautiful!

  4. Happy Birthday to a sweet girl! Love the cake!

  5. Thanks for the cake compliments. I have a new respect for professional cake decorators. That's for sure!

  6. Charlotte~ It took me about 10 seconds for the word verification to hit home. Too funny!

  7. My nieces would be so jealous to have an American Girl store so close! We are not ready to have American Girls yet - we are still in the destroy everything we own phase :)

    I love the cake! Care to share your tips??? I need to make a birthday cake for a birthday girl who has never had a birthday party before!!

  8. Awesome day! Birthday blessings to little Mabel:-) I think I'll try the glass of wine next time I decorate a cake. If yours turned out that beautiful, it's sure to help! *hee hee*

  9. So glad she had a good day! You did an excellent job on the cake! It was beautiful!

  10. What a sweet post. Your family is adorable. Deo omnis Gloria!


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