Monday, September 6, 2010

Loved Tapped Us On The Shoulder!

We did it!  We took our long, over-due anniversary trip!  You know, the one we take every 5 years...the one we postponed this past summer?   

We found a you, Tracy!!!!!!!!!....packed our bags and hit the road on Saturday morning.  We traveled to the north border of Texas....arriving at Lake Texoma.

Lake Texoma....89,000 acres of water fun! 

We stayed here...

...and this was the view from our room...

The 52 year old resort is a blending of then and now; a step back in time with the conveniences of the modern and new.  After we checked in, we went for a walk around the grounds.  We came across these...

...the original cabins that you could rent while vacationing at the resort.  These were built in 1957.  Nope.  They are not for rent these days. 

Taking a turn on the walking path, we came across the buildings constructed in the 60's and 70's.  These were the rooms with a "view" back then; the place to be and been seen;  with names that threw you back into time...The Starboard Lounge, The Portside Restaurant. 

The owners haven't done much with updating the decor in these buildings, even though they are still in use.  Walking through the gallery, one could find  history frozen in time with a viewing photos depicting what this resort was like in its' hay day. 

Picture the movie Dirty Dancing, with Patrick Swayze...that time period...that era of country clubs, weekends at the resort, charity balls, society parties, wedding receptions...

Going up to the Tower Lounge, we found this beautiful view...

...this being the new and modern section and those being the pools that we sat and relaxed by for two days.  (It can be so hard to force oneself to unwind!)

Those pools were built in the 60's and have been nicely updated. 

Sitting there, knowing what I knew about the history of the resort, I couldn't help but see those ghosts of sumemrtime-pasts. 

I was envisioning the scene...wrought iron tables and chairs with wearing plaid shorts and white tank tops topped off with black socks and sandals.   Women with their retro suits that had cone -shaped bras inside wearing either big, floppy hats or rubber swimming caps attached with rubber daisies and a chin strap.  Everyone wore horn-rimmed glasses and martinis were flowing freely. 

What it must have been like...the wealthy, making the drive up from the city...spending a weekend at the resort with the family.


We could also see this view of the marina...(this being only half of the marina).

....which made us want to see more of it. 


We found a dirt path and headed down to the marina.  We ended up at the nice end of the marina...the one where you get to see how the "other side lives", as David so eloquently put it. 

And we were so not ashamed to sit there and people of my favorite past times! 

As we were soaking it all in, watching the endless parade of boats moving in and out of the harbor,  a kind gentleman stopped and asked us if we'd like a tour of his particular boat slip.  He didn't have to ask us twice especially when his slip required a code to even enter the dock area!

Two words...holy cr*p!

Happy, the man who gave us a personal tour, and his wife Linda, have a beautiful that houses two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a galley kitchen and a living room ...with a small gas fireplace!  That's the bottom  level!

The top level was what I called the captains quarters.  Wow!  

Each boat slip had a deck.  Like a backyard deck.  Only these decks came with kitchens....kitchens that were bigger than the one in my house. 

And with the kitchens came an area to continue the entertaining.  They actually had deck living rooms.  All open-air of course.  All with furniture that could cost as much as half  the furniture in my entire house.  

You know?   Holy Cr*p doesn't even cover it!

We actually had a tour of the slip that the former CEO of Hewlitt Packard rents.  The kind of money where you call the deck service boys to come and prepare the kitchen and living room areas, prior to your arrival. 

Next, there were deck-ominiums.  Condos...on the deck of the slip!  I don't even have the words to describe those. 


This is Happy, Linda, and myself on their boat.  They were the most down-to-earth,  down right friendly folks.

They had wanted to take us for a boat ride, but were waiting on special mechanics.   They had blown one of their motors and the boat was stationary for the weekend.  You know....we were giddy with just the tour!


We enjoyed the best tasting mashed yams ever at this restaurant...

and par-took in people watching with casual dining at this open-air restaurant...

...which came with steel drum entertainment and the coldest beer...a great vibe could be felt throughout the place.



Spending time together; staying in contact with one another..."not being just co-parents" as my friend Kat would why we made the pact of getting away every 5 years.  We'd do it more often if we could afford it.  

So, we continue to hold tight to our dreams...

We are both stubborn and set in our ways...we may get a high score on an argument every now and then...we may have even been bumped out of the middle class category because we do not have our retirement set, (compliments of home schooling and a single income)...but... we are madly and totally in love with one another...we have chosen to place God first in our lives, and we want to live life to the fullest.

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend...tomorrow, it is back to reality! 


  1. So glad you had a good time! What beautiful views. You're inspiring me to tell CH we need to get away, even if it's to someplace not too far away from here!

  2. How sweetly blissful! Looks and sounds absolutely wonderful. Good for you two that you could get away! Sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed it :)

  3. Patty - that looks wonderful!! We have been trying to get away, thought we had a great time picked etc and it just fell through...I am still praying something works out! I am glad you were able to get away - that time is so precious. I loved the Dirty Dancing reference.

  4. How nice to get away! So important to have that "romantic" time our kids like to say with lots of drama!

  5. Patty, glad you have a great weekend with that handsome hubby of yours. Thanks for sharing all those great pics. Looks like a great getaway. Hope your slip back into reality is a smooth one. - Kat

  6. Looks like you had a lovely time! We try to get away for a day or two each year, but doesn't always happen. Like you, I'm married to my best friend and am loving every minute of it!
    God Bless!
    Heather :-)

  7. What a wonderful time you had, I'm glad of it for you. I did have to chuckle as dh and I were talking about the plastic daisy swim caps just last week! May you have many more anniversaries and many more trips.

  8. I long for one of these get aways. how wonderful that you make the time to do this. we've got to do this too. thanks for your comment re Cay Gibson. i have heard of her book, but thought it was just a listing a books to refer to when teaching particular aspects of the faith. I'd love to hear from you further details about her book.


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