Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's the Simple Things...

....that make me so happy. 

I'm talking, the kind of happy that elevates one's mood a dozen notches with a simple touch or smell; something that makes you say ChaChing or puts a giddy-up in your step

Take that little, white Pampered Chef shaker.  I have two ($6 each).  One for sugar and to house powder sugar. 

All toast and brownies are guaranteed to taste a little bit yummier with those toppins'!

Picking up some Spiced Pumpkin....on sale....and finding out you can use that  20% off coupon on top of the sale price.  Big Cha-Ching!  (Currently on sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond.)


Watching my little Prince Caspian practice his archery skills with Dad....

...and seeing this look...

(That would be a headless coyote.)

Those simple pleasures...the little things that we tend to over look in our crazy, hectic worlds, are what I hone in on. 

There is so much ugliness in our world, I want to see the beauty of it.  Sometimes you don't have to look is staring you right in the face, yelling and waving ...Helloooo!

Wednesday brings Little Flowers.    Each mom in this group is filled to the brim with love and teaches from the heart grateful for that!

Doesn't your blood just start pumping when you see a nice brown package waiting for you on your doorstep?  (I LOVE the big, brown truck!)

Even when it is a dictionary for your sixth you should've ordered 9 weeks ago... better late than never!


Does anyone know how difficult it is to find anything on St. Andrew Kim Taegon?  I found this about one year ago...

...a ceramic plaque of St. Andrew Kim Taegon.  It hangs in Stan's bedroom. 

I found these St. Andrew Kim holy cards online....and ordered them....finding them in my mail just two days later!  Double giddy-up on that one.


To top off a very busy day, your very hungry children just scarf down their dinner...and it is a new recipe.  That deserves a big cha ching and a giddy-up!

You have to try Jen's sloppy joe recipe!!!!   


Funny conversation that showed my age...

Ester:  Mom, are you and Dad 41 or 42?

Me:  Ummm.....(long pause)........I don't remember. 

Me:  (Still thinking...counting...)...Oh!  Dad is almost 42, I'm 41. (And not flinching when I say it.) 

The happiness in that?  Realizing with age comes a certain peace and wisdom. 

Have a wonderful and peaceful day!


  1. Love this reflection..I can totally relate! Thanks for sharing your heart, you express it so well. God Bless your day:-)

  2. what a beautiful post. oh a spice candle, and the UPS truck (or FedEx -- I'm not picky), and the 20% off coupon on top of the sale price -- wow, these are all marvelous things! When I got your message about St. Andrew Kim, I thought, ok I can do this --- noooo, I can't -- there's nothing out there on him! Happy St. Padre Pio Day !

  3. I love this post, and not just because you loved the Sloppy Joes - but I am glad you did! I am going to have to check out the St Andrew Kim cards. Great age birthday is around the corner and I thought I was getting ready to turn 37, but my husband reminded me I am going to turn 38! Nothing like losing a year :)

  4. Love Pampered Chef & pumpkin spice candles! Nothing like lighting a candle and watching some football!

  5. A really sweet post! I have that PC shaker too - and I love it - the archery pictures are sweet - boys and their weapons - eh? - and I learned about a new saint - thanks - and I definitely know what you mean about age - I never lie about mine and I too have to stop and think about how old I am - I remember when I was in high school and thought that 40 was old - not so much anymore...


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