Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Idol Worshippers, huh?

David and I found an old, Catholic church to attend over the weekend.  When we got there, we found this couple (late 60's) parking right in front of the church.

In this...

...definitely fuel to add to a huge misunderstanding, ya think?! 

Personally, I just wanted to go up and see how he had them attached. 

I did wait until they went inside to snap this with my phone.


Last Friday, I was able to do this for the first time in 5 months!

Short lived, but lovely all the same.  


Nothing like walking in the door from a relaxing trip and having to switch modes immediately.  Arriving home and hearing about the impending rain coming our way, I decided to hit the grocery store right away.  The place was packed!  Everyone had the same idea...beat the rain that was to come. 

And it continues to pour down as I type.


 David and I had some additional lovins' to arrive home to...

They were sooooo excited to surprise us with a big hello!


When the first bands of Tropical Storm Hermine came through yesterday, the tornado siren sounded in our town. 

Boy!  Nothing like a tornado siren sounding that reminds you how much you miss the basements from up north. 

Closets just don't cut if for me!


  1. Closets don't cut it for me either and I've never lived in a house with a basement. I have been tempted to dig out a storm cellar in my back yard though... or line the walls of my closet with Kevlar! :)

  2. That truck cracks me up! Glad you were able to open your windows, we just shut our air off for the season - yippee! I love your curtains :) I bet you do miss a basement, I was wondering how the rain was affecting you. Keep us posted!!

  3. I definitely don't miss the tornado sirens in SC. No basements there, either.


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