Friday, September 10, 2010


I was totally excited to come across half-price season passes to the Heard Museum.  So many cool things to see and do throughout the year.  Stan wanted to see Dinosaur Smackdown.  Sally wanted to see the native, Texas butterfly exhibit.  (She studied butterflies last year.)

The kids found a dino dig.  

Our first trip there was short....the kind were you just get acclimated.     Humidity and high temps called for an ice cream run afterward.  Can you see how happy Ester was?  She didn't want any hot body parts touching her!

Oh....yeah....notice Stan's cape?  He wears it every single day!


This is where Stan was on Wednesday night, while I was keeping the girls safe at church....

He fell asleep watching a dino show on Netflix.  (Note the cape.)


I teach the girls piano lessons.  I took for 12 years and talked myself into teaching them.  This is one of those things that I am seriously contemplating hiring out for.  It isn't hard...just time consuming.


Mabel just started this year.  I make them wait until the 2nd grade so I know it isn't just a "passing fancy", and they are excellent readers by this age... which only helps. 


I'm not a big drinker...nor is David.  I do enjoy my glass of wine every now and then...and an icy, cold beer on a really hot day is the tops in my book. 

But my all-time favorite drink is a Margarita...that and a chocolate martini!   MmmMmmmm!

We live in a dry county.  For me, that means if I have a hankering for a Margarita...I need to drive a distance to pick up the tequila. 

Last weekend, David and I purchased our own drink mixes for our weekend get-away. 

1.  It saved money.
2.  I bought enough to bring home and savor!

So tonight, I'm serving pulled pork BBQ on buns....and for myself?....a Margarita, good music, and some kick-back R&R.

I will post that pulled-pork BBQ recipe this weekend.  It is so EASY and delicious!

Until then, have a fabulous Friday night!


  1. Hey...looking forward to the recipe...and hoping to have a Margarita with it too!!

  2. I have never had a chocolate martini! I will have to try that, I do love a good Margarita :) The recipe sounds just yummy. Have a great weekend!!

  3. We're planning on heading up to the Heard this month to see the Butterflies fun!

  4. your family always does such fun stuff. I love the photo of all your kiddos.

  5. Your field trip looked awesome! I have some dino-lovers in my house, but TX is too far away for a field trip!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Sounds like you guys had a great week. And yum...I want to come over for dinner! Stan is just soooooo cute. Gotta love that cape! ~ Kat


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