Sunday, August 1, 2010

This, That and The Other Things

I love my Sundays.  Going to Mass on Saturday evenings means large country-style breakfast on Sunday morning, hanging out and being lazy all morning. 

We've been so busy around here.  Our first week of school went pretty good.  Only 175 days, or 35 weeks of school left.  :) 

I wanted to share a photo I took this past week.  

It makes me want to go outside and look for cute, little munchkins' and a yellow, brick road! 

Actually, I want to enlarge the print and frame it somewhere in the house...not sure where though.


Friday mornings bring journal writing for the kids.  Mabel is using this great writing prompts book.  I was looking over the prompt and it read: 

 'Henry Ford, creator of the Model T Ford, was born on July 30, 1863.  Imagine that you are a car.  What kind would you be?  Describe your features.'      Mailbox Magazine~730 Journal Prompts.

For a girl who likes to streamline things...don't you think that the car on Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang would be the ultimate fit for me?

I know.  Can you spell D.O.R.K.Y.? 

What kind of car would you be and what special features would you have?


I love Craig's List.  We happened to find this microscope for Sally.  Nothing fancy but it will definitely work for her first one. 

Bought it new- in- box for $14.  Me likey!


And speaking of Sally...she has mastered the art of crocheting phone holders.  They can be so super handy!  She got the idea from our friend, Eleanor, who was wearing one when we visited with her on our trip north. 


I picked up some new "big boy" underwear, (a.k.a. boxer briefs),  for Stan.  He loves Toy Story and I knew he'd be over the moon with these. 

He wanted to show them off.   

I'm thinkin'... that he's thinkin'... that they are more 'playshort' then 'skivvies/short' with Woody and Buzz so enlarged on them. 

I had to convince him to put his denim shorts back on in order to go outside. 


Soring temps kept us all indoors.  It was even too hot to swim.  It isn't any fun when the pool water feels like bath water.  

Yes!  That is a black widow that David found just inside the overhead garage door.  Gives me the creeps.  He said it creeped him out when he squashed it and the egg sack....gagging in my throat right now...

Did I ever tell you all that I am a very avid, scare-the-pants-off my husband, crazy woman, sleep walker and sleep talker?  Seeing creepy-crawlies like that above will put me right over the edge...when I'm asleep.

Any bets that'll happen tonight?  I'm not a bettin' woman, but if I was....


We are lovin' the study of the heavens! 

Little Miss Ester started out the school year studying Astronomy in science.  David is taking her and Sally out tonight to do some starhopping.  I wish I could go but I'll have two little ones in bed.  

There is nothing more awe-inspiring and amazing than going out to star gaze.  If someone ever asked me why I believe in God, I'd take them out at night, to field far away from the city lights, and point to the sky...God's power and might right there.

He took him outside and said, "Look up at the sky and count the stars, if you can.  Just so,"  he added, "shall  your descendants be."  Abram put his faith in the Lord, who credited it to him as an act of righteousness.  Gen 15:5-6

Nightie, Night.  Don't let the bed bugs bite!


  1. Beautiful picture of the rainbow!!!

    The picture of the Black Widow scares me to death. Like, seriously!

  2. Euw - I can't get over the black widow! Gross!

    It IS waaaay too hot!

    Glad your first week went well! Hope your second week is good, too! We will be with you in spirit!

  3. Beautiful rainbow pic. That spider would give me the heebie-jeebies too! I hope you slept well. Love to see the girls crackin the books - and tell Sally the phone holders are super cute! What a great homemade Christmas gift :) Have a great week. Oh, and Stan looks cute in his Toy Story shorts :)

  4. Patty,

    Thank you for stopping by and for leaving a comment. I was blessed to read your page. Hope to see you at our blog again soon.

    Another Catholic Mother Online,
    Queen B

  5. How awesome is the rainbow picture?
    Love Stan in his boxers...too cute!
    I have to know...did you have nightmares about the spider? EWWWWWW!
    And, to answer your question: I'm a speech pathologist. Perfect: no more than 4 or 5 in a group (and even that is very rare!), keep 'em for 30 minutes, play, then send 'em back! Classroom teachers (the good ones, anyway!) are my heroes! :D


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