Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm....

I must admit that there are moments when my entire body...and I'm talking every square inch of my insides... fills up to the brim and oozes out the thought....

"Oh...I wish they went away to school." 

It is only a fleeting thought though.   One that  does repeat every now and then until I come back to my senses, (and gratitude), and realize that it is a calling.

The other day, I had heard the ultimate in misconceptions about homeschooling: 

"You are only doing it for selfish reasons!"


Obviously, that woman has never been a fly on a my house.


  1. Whenever I get that fleeting urge to think the same thing, I try to count the number of smiles I would miss in a day, the number of giggles I wouldn't get to hear and the silly stories that I wouldn't be told since they would be forgotten before they made it home. But I'm just selfish like that! :)

  2. she probably thinks your children are unsocialized too!! :) oh well, sometimes we can't change opinions of people who choose not to inform themselves on certain subjects. thanks for your comments recently on my blog.

  3. oh my word......that one just about takes the cake!!

  4. I laughed when I read what that person said! I work in a school, and I KNOW people send their kids to school for selfish reasons! I could have never in a million years homeschool my kids...I'm too selfish!

  5. Thank you for posting this Patty. My bones groan with this same thought in my weak and "selfish" moments. Very funny! Definitely a calling over at our place. Six years later when people ask me why I homeschool, I'm finally brave enough to say: "God asked me to." And it's the complete truth. In my case. I didn't choose it on my own...God chose it for me and I just do the best I can, even in my selfish moments;)


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