Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Testosterone Refill

Stan is loved. 

He is loved on.  He is read too.  He is a part of the whole.

Even though he is smothered with lovins, having three sisters and zero brothers can deplete a boy's testosterone level.  Every now and then, our little boy needs a testosterone-tank  refill...needs his manly time with Dad. 

Hangin with Dad is the best. 

(David had been trying to figure out a way to carry Stan in the woods to track javelinas.)

But what is a boy to do when Dad isn't available? 

Hmmmm....how about a little boys club....with playmates from our homeschool group?  Playmates that are around the same age?  And best of all...No. Girls. Allowed.  

Yup!  Stan was off today...on a new adventure.  (With his magic cape to boot!)

He brought the apple juice boxes.  Boy did that make him feel special!  He had so much fun...didn't want to leave.  This group is a start to a beautiful thing!


Yesterday, our temps were rather high...and we are hoping that the mid-90's will soon move in.  I can tolerate it up to around the century mark...after that?  Forget it!


We've been having fun with science this year.  Since it is too hot to play outdoors, science becomes even more appealing.

When Stan climbed up to take a look the the gills of a mushroom...he told everyone to stand back.  He was "science-ing". 


Hope you all are having a wonderful week! 


  1. Hey...My D can sure relate to Stan. On Sunday we went to visit my sister's family with her 3 girls + my 2 the poor kid was WAY out numbered. I think we will have a father son boys club sort of thing to join come summer, but I wish there was a weekday homeschool sort of thing too. Will have to look.

  2. Hi Carol! It was fun. To accomodate all, our group will be doing a lot on the weekends, too. The weekday things will probably end up being more low key and sporadic. It was great for him.

  3. Our temps are in the 80's this week...after the hot summer, it feels like fall!
    Stan is just so dadgum cute! Love the picture of him laying in the bed!

  4. God certainly made boys different!!! Glad he had some "guy-time"!

  5. science-ing! too cute. and yes, Stan must get alot of girlie lovin, and I bet he relishes his time with his Dad, and now with a play group. We are hoping for cooler temps in a day or so. I'm ready for Fall.

  6. Awww, gotta love those older ones huggin on the younger ones:) Great job with the photos to capture the moment! I heard w had 107 degrees today...Yikes! 3 cheers for Dads helping with Science. My hubby is in charge of Science and Math;-) God Bless the rest of your week!

  7. Stan is so cute! And doesn't every boy need a magic cape?!

  8. That boy time is important. Glad he has a group to get together with...


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