Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Progesterone FYI

This is one of those products that is so good, you just have to pass it along*.

So...why do we not go to the doctor when our bodies are telling us to go?

I waited and waited...and spent way too many months suffering....when all  I needed was a bit of help from this...

My before picture:

My cycle drops to 20-21 days.  One full week of heavy... miscarriage-like... bleeding (7-8 days).  Followed by one week of feeling good inside...physically...and briefly.  The last week was dealing with severe  PMS.

Only to repeat itself...barely giving me enough time to come up for a gulp of fresh air.

I put off going into the doctor until my yearly check-up was scheduled. 

Shouldn't have done it. 

Wouldn't recommend it.


I have a long history of problems.  My files that follow me are somewhat embarrassing because of the attention they create...and even though it isn't my fault, it is embarrassing and tiresome to have to talk about it whenever I have to switch doctors.

I am old enough and experienced enough to know that I do not want some pill to just cover up my issues; a pat on the head; and a push out the door.

After moving to the Dallas area, I was blessed to find a  Catholic ob/gyn doctor who would not prescribe contraceptives.  God bless him!

It was a double blessing for myself.   I now have a doctor who is compassionate and listens to me.

My After Picture:

Three months of...

Applying 1/4 teaspoon, twice daily, for 12 days each cycle, has brought me such happiness.  I now have a 24-25 day cycle.  Good-bye acne and severe PMS.  Hello 3 1/2 day periods.  Most welcoming is the physical well-being of my body.

This month, (month 4), I go it alone.  Since I'm not menopausal, I need to take a break and allow my body to assume the natural role of creating its' own progesterone. 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

BTW...The pharmacist highly recommended it as well and led me to my progesterone "dealer" in town.

*Check with your doctor first!


  1. ahh relief. I hope that little bit helps. thanks for sharing.

  2. I have been doing some reading on progesterone. I certainly don't have the issues you have struggled with, but I keep thinking it could help me. I need to find a good ob/gyn!

  3. Yikes! 20-21 cycle is not fun. I too had been putting off my yearly exam for 4 years! Finally went at the beginning of Aug. Glad to not have to think about it for a while again. Hope you feel good this month.

  4. I've heard of the cream before. Hope it gives you some relief! It's no fun at all to not feel good!

  5. I was having similar issues except it was 35 day cycles...turns out it was my thyroid! Glad you went in!

  6. Outstanding that you found your OB/Gyn, Patty. We need more like that. So glad to hear such an encouraging personal story.


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