Friday, August 20, 2010

Hit the Road, Jack!

Sally's science called for a water sample collection of algae. 

Well.... that's a no brainer!

I said..."To the lake we go!  We can collect our algae sample and swim while we are at it."

It took them all of 3 seconds to drop what they were doing and race for their suits.  Funny how there are certain things a mom doesn't have to repeat.  So much fun to watch them totally, absolutely, crazy-like excited!

You know, I bet their little brains were clickin' a mile a minute....wondering... what exactly did Mom put in her coffee to become so spontaneous....(nothing...BTW!) I just love life and homeschooling can slowly suck it right out of you if you are not careful. 

Reading this post by Gardenia reminded me  to be fully aware that time is slipping quickly and I better heed the call!  You inspired me, Gardenia, to be spontaneous again!


So we did it.  We gathered our essentials....loaded the van...and shouted....lake or bust, baby! 

We LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. the lake!  This was the first time that I took them by myself.

Stan was so excited (and shocked by this) he said, and I quote: "Mom.  This is like a giant trip.  We can even sleep in the van!" 

Okay...Stan gets really excited. 

The lake is a 30 minute drive from our house to the state park gates....through the gorgeous countryside of Texas' prairies and lakes region. 

The drive is so gorgeous, it makes us all feel like we are traveling through a little bit of heaven.   It is so beautiful, it deserves a post!  Which, I decided, I am going to do soon.


And we collected our water sample...

I loved watching them all do this as a team.  Sally was in charge of the test tube since it was glass and we were working near algae-covered rocks.

Can I tell you something without sounding like I'm bragging?  Watching them...working together...loving life...I felt so proud to be called their Mama.


Not sure if you all realize how hot Texas has been this summer.... it's been brutal.  One of the longest streaks of 100 plus temps on record...relentless. 

Today reached 102 degrees F., but there was a fantastic breeze that made it so comfortable. 

We played and played, and when we finished snacking, we played some more!

Our kind of recess!

And as I perched in my chair with the waves slowly lapping against my bum...I watched these kiddos and realized that I could very well be planting seeds.  Seeds of dreams. 

Perhaps there is a marine biologist in the future?

(Working on my photos, I realized I had set my camera to the wrong setting...hence the blue tone...Ugh!)

Or perhaps, an oceanographer?

How about a future member of the Army Corps of Engineer,  (who created this particular lake),...or even a future, star, surfer dude?

Hang Ten, Stan!

You never know. 

What I do know is that these kids love life to the fullest.  They are happy children, and David and I are so blessed to have them 'on loan' to us from God.


  1. Check you all out!! Gorgeous gorgeous is all I can say!! I can't wait to read more. Ok, now I LOVE your pictures.

    Blessings to you & your family!!

  2. First, I too loved Gardenia's post - it was beautiful! Second, homeschooling can be draining, but I love that we have the opportunity to do fun things like this in our day. This looks like a great day. Definitely not a brag to notice our children doing wonderful things together. I really enjoy seeing glimpses of other parts of our beautiful Country! Happy Homeschool Friday to you!!!

  3. That sounds like an awesome day of being spontaneous! I struggle with that one, I like my schedule :)
    Beautiful photos. I'd be proud of those kids too. Looks like you are doing a wonderful job!

  4. Yeah Mom for putting the "fun" in funschooling at home! We all know and tell you how beautiful your children are. But I can say just what a beautiful person YOU are. Inside and out! Love from GA - Kat

  5. you're definitely planting seeds my friend. and perhaps seeds of future mothers and fathers! and what a cretive idea you came up with. you've got an awesome homeschool ! thank you for your kind words. oh and I all the time it seems have the camera on the wrong setting.

  6. Awesome and inspirational post! My, how the Lord rewarded your day for exploring His creation. Great job being spontaneous...I am terrible about that as I have traveled further into my forties, especially going it alone with all the kids. I needed to read this and get motivated so thank you! God Bless you and those precious gifts on loan:)

  7. Looks like the lake was fairly empty! Cool!

  8. LOVE the spontaneous field trip! That's something you wouldn't get in a traditional school, for sure. After living in SC (where we broke records for the most days over 100 degrees), I laugh when people here talk about how many days we had over 90!

  9. Where did you guys go? What is close?


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