Thursday, August 26, 2010

His Own Words

Working on faith and prayers with Stan, I said:

"Stan.  Show Mommy how you make the sign of the cross."

He his own words...

I wish there were a window into his little head.  One  where I could flick a switch to see all his gadgets and gizmos spinning and rotating as his imagination grows more and more vivid. 

His cape is part of his daily wardrobe these days.  It could be the cape to Buzz Light Year....where a fantasy takes him to "infinity and beyond!" 

The cape could be that of Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader, depending on how dark his mood is that day or moment.

Lately, the cape is that of Peter, on Prince Caspian.  He has his imaginary sword and his horse that he rides upon so proudly! 

Down the sidewalk outside....with Bubblegum, the horse.

Yes!  That is a pink horse.  We do have three very masculine- looking stick horses....but, none can keep their heads on nor are as easy to handle as Bubblegum.  Bubblegum happens to be an old horse belonging to Ester.

Oh!  How the imagination grows more each day...

In those photos, Stan posed for me, showing me how he is ready with his imaginary sword in hand.  He informed me of the following:

"Mom.  If I poked you with my sword, you'd die."  And then with an afterthought, as if wanting to make it sound scarier, while squinting his eyes, he added, "Real hard."

And off he galloped into the sunset....

Until tomorrow, my little sunshine! 


  1. so lovely. I just love the way he made the sign of the cross for you!!! and the horse looks pretty princely to me. my daughter is also into sword s and sword fighting and telling people (the foes of the forest or what have you) that they are going to die. which I like to discourage, but sh keeps at it. evberything that's an enemy of the puppy she pretends to me must die! love stan's cape.

  2. Hah! When Romeo (now age 8) was little, he dressed in his Bionicle We went grocery shopping, to Target - everywhere but church! Those are sweet memories!

  3. Too darned cute! Thanks for sharing your sunshine with us:)

  4. He's so incredibly cute! Reminds me of middle son! Love the song...I used to sing it to oldest son, and even though he's almost 22, I still will every once in a while!


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