Sunday, August 29, 2010

Easy, Peaceful

Rare weekends these days.

You know.  The kind of weekends when chocolate chip cookie crumbs litter your kitchen table.  Who cares if you just swipe them with your arm to the floor. 

Speaking of which, the kitchen floor stays unswept for two whole days, and you are okay with that.

The smell of banana bread baking in the oven and the patience to teach yet another, young, inspiring cook.

The sound of laughter coming from the upstairs as the neighbor kids are hanging out once again...with the dip in the temperature...everyone seems to be coming out to play.

Cooking chicken noodle soup....just because it was requested from Little Man...and we did dip down to the mid-nineties....(brrrr....cold front!)

And the biggest decision is what color to use to paint the piggy toes...

I've decided, we need more easy and peaceful in our lives!


  1. These are the best weekends! We need more of them in our house, hoping you have more too :)

  2. I love weekends like that! How fun!

  3. ahhhh, that sounds like a glorious weekend to me! the smells and chicken noodle soup and banana bread. what wonderful scents. even the scent of nail polish is wonderful to me -- it means I'm pampering myself.

  4. Yay for simple and those little things that bring us joy! We need more of this at our house too. God Bless your week!


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