Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Check Boy or Girl

Have you ever heard of a pink-colored tooth? 

Me neither.  Until Sunday, when Ester showed us her pink tooth.  Hmmmm...
The Internet helped me to not freak out.  I found this.  But I still called Dr. Tim in the morning.

He confirmed the condition, root resorption, and said he could pull it or she could work it on her own, (with the chance of it cracking and then the dentist would definitely have to pull it out.)

We all agreed to let her work on it for a while.  It was just a smidge loose when we went it. 

6 hours later....

The girl gets an A for effort.  I never realized how determined she could be.  She worked it and pulled it out on her own.  (She saved Mommy and Daddy some money, too!)

She wrote the Tooth Fairy a note, asking the Fairy to leave it for now so she could show it to a special friend who will be here this coming weekend.  I noticed a specific question on the bottom of the note:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Please mark what you are...A boy?  or A girl?

At breakfast today, she told me there was a mark in both boxes.  We wondered if other homes had two tooth fairies as well?!


  1. Too cute! I'm glad she got the tooth out! :)

  2. Glad she got that tooth out!! I am embarrassed to admit it, but the tooth fairy no longer remembers to visit our house! When Anna (5) first came home she lost a tooth almost right away - I didn't want to freak her out by trying to explain the tooth fairy. I love that your daughter was curious enough to ask the question!

  3. oh my. I wonder if that hurt a little. we have no tooth fairies at our house yet. and not for a while probably.

  4. I've never heard of a pink tooth! Did the tooth fairy leave her extra for that? :D

  5. I love it...here's our tooth fairy letter!


  6. Gardenia~I don't believe it hurt. Because of her situation, it was just a shell, no root. She is a tough girl!

    Mary~Glad she didn't read your reply! She only got extra when she had a bike accident and knocked out two.


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