Saturday, August 28, 2010

Celebrating St. Monica...

...and St. Augustine on Friday, we attended our annual Back-to-School Mass with our dear friend Father B!  We are so blessed to have his support, prayers, and love. 

I wanted to post this next pic but also respect everyone's privacy...and I couldn't get the blur to work as much as I wanted.  So I colored the faces...

This picture only represents 8 of the 22 families in our group.   

What two great feast days...two incredible saints!  A mother's devotion to her child; never giving up hope in order to bring the child to his faith.  A son, who grows into one of the most intellectual and profound men; pre-emenent Doctor of the Church.

And after celebrating 8am Mass together, we all headed to a local park.  We packed  a breakfast of donuts and juice, and a whole lot of energy to burn off! 

It didn't hurt seeing and visiting Ontario along the way...

That is the horse of course!   And how cool is that?

A mounted policewoman trotted up and the kids were able to check out her horse, Ontario.

Somewhere out there in blogosphere, I came upon a post once that talked about keeping your favorite recipes in a binder.

Tired of mine being oil-stained, smudged and torn, I finally started my own recipe binder.

I had a big ole honking stack of printed recipes...from other blogs, emails, or may all time  I purchased the binder and plastic sheet protectors and waa-laa!  Eventually, I'm going to buy and insert the tab sheets in order to index my categories.

I just don't like recipe books.  I usually only find a few useful recipes in each, otherwise, they just end up collecting dust.  Anymore these days, I will grab one of these in the check-out line at the grocery store...


We are having our first low-key weekend in ages.  Boy!  It feels great to just be.

This morning, we decided to hit the local Farmer's Market. 

A few of the  colors, sounds and smells from the market....

And then, inside Dixie's Story, I found these awesome books....

The  fall   birthday season will soon be upon our household.  I thought these might make some super gifts for the little ones.


Tonight, Sally is heading to her first middle school social.  Games, potluck dinner, and fun will be had with other 6-8 grade Catholic homeschool students from the DFW area.  She is excited for this more grown up atmosphere and to meet new people. 

All this, in a home, chaperoned by parents.  Can't ask for anything better!


Hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. I second that AllRecipes rave! I have a binder of recipes but didn't think to put them in page protectors. That makes sense!
    If you are interested in adding to your Texas picture books, have you heard about The Homeless Christmas Tree?

  2. I keep my recipes in a binder, too! Makes things much easier!
    St. Monica is one of my favorite saints, along with St. Augustine. I've said many a prayer for her intercession!
    Looks like y'all had a wonderful day!

  3. Wow, are you ever-blessed! What great homeschool opportunities and resources you have ie:) Jr. High Social. Have an awesome first week and may blessings and love abound!

  4. Charlotte, thanks for the heads up on that book. I love picture books for the children and especially love things about TX.

    Mary, Can't remember who posted about it...but it wasn't my idea. It sure was a good one though.

    Tiffany~We are blessed. My little school is starting week 6 tomorrow! Time is flying!

  5. Looks like a great day! Love the photos of the farmers market. Your binder looks so neat and organized :)

  6. how wonderful that your homeschool group (some of them) were able to have a special Mass and celebrate Ss. Monica and Augustine. You have a definite love of recipe books! and the books look delightful.


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