Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Bit About Sally

Sally asked to do the give-away for this month.  Some of you may not know Sally, so I wrote a bit about her.

Sally is an amazing 10 year old, young lady.  (Soon to be 11).  She is well on her way of growing into a beautiful soldier of Christ.

Being a beautiful girl inside and out, she received her daddy's genes for height.  Sally now stands at 5'2" and wears a ladies size 9 shoe. 

A lover of books, Sally  has been blessed with a photographic memory.  She wants to be a doctor or veterinarian someday.

She loves going on 'dates' with her dad and loves her friends,  living in Texas, tennis, swimming, piano, babysitting, fish, baking, cooking, and crocheting.

American Girl dolls rank toward the top of her list of likes.  She has Josefina and Felicity and hopes that American Girl comes out with a movie about Josefina some day.

She will race you to the top of any heart-stopping, roller coaster ride and will even sit in the front - ALONE!

So....Sally has been studying up on and mastering the art of crocheted cell phone holders.  She would like to give one away (custom made of course) to some lucky person out there. 

These are really great for Grandmas and Grandpas or for working outdoors in the yard or garage.

She would like to know what you "dreamed of wanting to be" when you were in the 6th grade.  Just leave a comment for Sally on this post by Friday, and your name will be entered in the drawing for a custom made, cell phone holder. 

*We will ship  anywhere.


  1. wow -- your daughter is awesome. she's got great activities and her chrocheting is beautiful. love those cell phone purses. what did I want to be when I was in the 6th grade? A swim instructor ! I know this not because I remember, but because near the end of 6th grade, all my classmates and i were asked to write down what we wanted to be as adults and submit it to the teacher, and that's what i put down, and then the teacher made it into a laminated card with everyone's names and occupations on it, and i still have it. I am not a swim instructor BTW, but I was all about swimming when I was i 6th grade.

  2. In 6th grade I wanted to be a lawyer. Not that at that time I knew they had the reputation they do or b/c I knew they made a lot of money. My mom LOVED Perry Mason & we would watch re-runs. I thought it was so cool how he brought the bad guys to justice in some tricky way and how he had to think outside the box to be good at what he did. Defending the unjustly accused and outsmarting the establishment seemed like a very cool job.

  3. Sally, you are so talented! Your mom is right, you are beautiful inside and out. I have to say I can't remember what I wanted to be in 6th grade! I don't have such a great memory for those things, sad to say. I do know I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. A wife and a mom to this particular family. God has amazing things in store for you! May God bless you always.

  4. How cool! When I was in 6th grade, I wanted to be a teacher for the Deaf. Many years later I did just that, until I had a family!

  5. My Sunshine just oohhed and awwwed over finding another beautiful young friend who enjoys yarn crafts. She begged me to enter and I was more than willing since I spend so much time teaching others to crochet and rarely crochet anything for myself anymore. Let's see... when I was in the 6 grade, I think I wanted to be a marine biologist. Really what I wanted to do was swim with dolphins but I thought "marine biologist" sounded so much better. I was really fascinated by dolphins but had a terrible fear of sharks. It's probably best that I changed my mind. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your wonderful creations!

  6. I am not sure if it was 6th grade or earlier, but I was known to have said that I wanted to be either a vet or a pet store owner, "whichever took less schooling". But soon after that I wanted to be a teacher...and I was one...WAIT! I still am a teacher!!!
    Those cell phone holders look so cute....hope I win one!

  7. How awesome of Sally to want to do this for us!
    Gosh, 6th grade...what in the world did I want to be? It must've been a nurse. I wanted to be a nurse for a long time...until I took Chemistry and realized that my mind can not handle any science...or math.

  8. I love to crochet too...such a fun hobby. Stick with in Sally! Maybe you and Allison could get together sometime to play tennis...she loves it too.
    In the 6th grade...hmmm...I would have to guess it was either to be a doctor, a librarian, or a teacher, guessing by the things I remember playing as a child.


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