Sunday, August 8, 2010

Baby Boy Blue ~ We Welcome You!

I've been soooo excited to blog about this surprise baby shower that I helped throw!  My dear friend Sondra is pregnant with her 7th child and it is her FIRST BOY!  Her announcement screamed baby shower  :)

Sondra is pictured with each of us who hosted the shower: Top left, Sondra and myself; Top Right, Sondra and Elizabeth; Bottom Left, Sondra and Rita.

And because I recently blogged about big families, I have to write here that these three ladies have 18 children between them!!!!  Of course with one more on the way:)

We are all homeschool moms, but primarily, we are very good friends and friends with all of these fellow homeschool moms pictured below.

Melissa, on the far right is the Melissa from The Graham Family.

I have to apologize here...I didn't think to take a group picture until after one the ladies, Camille, had already left.  I'm so sorry, Camille, that you weren't in the photo!

Elizabeth graciously hosted the shower in her house.  She and Rita served an incredibly delicious brunch for all of us.  I tasted the best chicken salad - ever - and the best asparagus - ever

(I'm going to post the asparagus recipe in the Thursday recipe swap this coming week.)

I was in charge of delivering Sondra to the party, (which was very nerve wracking!), favors, games, and prizes. 

The favors were fun and easy.  Jars of bubble bath were prepared for each guest to take home.  The prizes were wrapped in baby boy burp cloths, tied up nicely with big bows.  (The "gift wrap" went to Sondra, of course!)

I picked up this game at Michael's craft store.

This next game, A Bun In The Oven, came from Jessica.  I tweaked it a bit to fit our needs
The ladies pinned these dresses on when they walked in.  Later on, whoever had the dress with the button inside was the one to win a prize. 

Remember back a couple of weeks when I mentioned the  maternity shoot I did with Sondra? 

that was part of the surprise.  I had it enlarged a little, matted and framed.  As the guests arrived, they signed the mat, and it became a lovely gift for Sondra as a remembrance of her special day!

Elizabeth picked up the most delicious, most gorgeous baby cake I had ever laid eyes on.  She sent a photo of it from her IPhone. 

It was such a thrill and honor to be part of this party.  We all agree that Sondra is the most giving, selfless person that any of us have ever known. 


  1. I love baby showers! It looked like lots of fun. How blessed you are to have such a great group of mom's with so much in common!

  2. Patty~ Thank you for sharing your joy! Great ideas to keep for future showers too:) Everything looked lovely and what a blessed group of friends!

  3. I love that you did this for your friends 7th baby. It shows how important each and every baby is :) Looks like a beautiful day.

  4. The cake had sliced strawberries inside??? That sounds amazing!
    I'm loving all of the blue!

  5. Maybe you could photoshop Camille into the spot between myself and Kathi...didn't realize I was being so standoffish! Great to see you all on Saturday. I sure do miss seeing you ladies on a regular basis! I absolutely love the spoons! Allison and I have an imaginary box of love in the spice cabinet and always put a pinch of love in all we make...the spoons were right up our alley!

  6. It likes like a wonderful day. I'm so sorry the timing wasn't right for me to make it. You all look so lovely!

  7. That was such a delightful time - thanks for posting on it so I can revisit a wonderful morning spent with dear friends. Right when I'm entering the phase of life where I'm attending the weddings of friend's children (already???), it was very fun to go to a baby shower for "one of my own".

  8. It's all so beautiful! I've never, ever had a baby shower nor been to one. It's something that just doesn't seem to happen much over here in the UK and I find that such a shame and so sad really. I'm glad your friend has such special friends to mark the occasion with.

  9. Oh, Patty! You did an amazing job!! I loved seeing the pictures!!


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