Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thinking of Her...

...when I see him  walking shyly to the wall where he is to meet his "class" and he looks so different from the rest of the kids that it reminds me that he is adopted...that he came from another woman's womb. She chose life....and I wish she could see this life and know that he is thriving. 

And I fight back tears because I am eternally grateful for partaking in the blessing of that life.

With our adoption (and I'm sure most all), the love of a biological child vs the love of an adopted child is the same.  So much so, that you do not see the difference in facial features or skin color or even the slightest pitch difference in a voice.  It all blends. 

Physical love just oozes and the family is stitched together in a beautiful quilt-like pattern.  You spread it out and see the big picture, the instant breathtaking view of beauty.  Only when you get down to look at each stitch and piece of cloth do you see the fine intricate details.

Stan has taken his first "class" and it was swimming lessons.  He did great!  We went from covering our eyes with one hand, our mouth with the other, and sinking "like a rock" he calls using our hands and legs to help propel our body forward and stay afloat...if at least for a little bit. 

I home school.  We are blessed to be part of an awesome group, Ave Maria.  The groups is filled with 18 families that have the innocent and child-like abilities to include and oversee any physical differences.  The word adoption doesn't even come up.  To say that Stan is loved is another understatement.    He is adored and loved,  and I dearly love all of those families for that acceptance that they naturally shower upon us.

But this was his "first" class outside home school.  Below are some of the pictures of him trying ever-so-hard to stay afloat on his back.  I cannot share them with "her" so I will with you.

I cannot help but wonder if God has another life out there for us...I would love to add another patch to the quilt.   At least for now, I will just snuggle up and enjoy the comfort of my quilt.

P.S.  Every year, I send back a year's worth of photos to Stan's foster parents in Seoul so that they, too, can see how well he is thriving.  I tell David, that some year, we will take him back for a visit to his homeland. 


  1. This is a beautiful post. My mother almost gave me up for adoption, but decided not to. Before she made her final decision I stayed with a foster family for the first 20 days of my life. I often wonder if my foster mother ever thinks of me.

  2. hah! I DO love Stan! I think I will always remember him from coop, when he said "NO" so often, and so cutely! And when he and Peter Graham sat down to a pretend meal in the nursery, but said grace first - precious!

  3. Maggie, be assured that she does still think of you! All beautiful thoughts :)

    Christine, I never heard that story about playing dinner and saying grace first. That is sweet! Thanks for sharing that!

  4. I forget sometimes that our family looks different. Not too long ago I was at a hotel and a caucasian woman was eating with her two asian daughters. It grabbed my attention of course, because they were an adoptive family too, but what I realized a few minutes later is that is what I look like! I didn't even immediately make the connection that that is how we look to others - I just see my daughters (and my sons). God is good!

  5. That is a wonderful post. He is one very blessed little boy!

  6. Jen~ Yes! Now that you write that, we, too, have been in that situation.

    Mary~You are so kind. We like to think that we are the blessed ones :) Thank you for your kind words.

  7. What a beautiful post - brought tears to my eyes. Your little boy is gorgeous.


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