Sunday, July 18, 2010

They're Here!

Our weekend kicked off with the arrival of our Seton school books on Friday afternoon.  I cannot believe it is that time of year!  The kids were so excited to see their new materials and I was relieved to see them in that state of mind.  After it  was sorted and checked in, I let them have at it. 

And my little man, Stan...even though his books were not in these boxes...he still grew excited about school, in particular.  He had plans to make those boxes "...into space ships,"  he announced completely and utterly excited!

The little guy squatted in and  actually could fit his entire body inside that box.  The dude is so flexible!

Stan has his school books on the shelf already...little things that I've collected over the years...items I've saved for each child to use.  I think what thrilled him to his new spaceship...was a new pair of shiny, red, safety scissors.  Just his!  No hand-me-downs!  Cowabunga! 

Gotta love the simple things!

School starting already?  Well, a few years back, I decided to try year round school.  It is still 180 days of school but nicely spread out over the course of 12 months where we are able to take some well-deserved and greatly-needed breaks every now and then. 

Most importantly, the new schedule has kept me sane!

I will start the last full week of July and then take a two week vacation at the end of each quarter.  Unlike Illinois, down in Texas, the school system takes one week off at Thanksgiving.  So, we indulge with a break at that point as well.  

My kids have been out of school since Mother's Day.

Do my kids miss much in the sense of summer activities?  No.  Not at all.  The weather in Texas is warm pretty much most of the year.  July and August are down right HOT!  It is like the winter months of January and February up north.  Most people stay indoors during those months.

We will do half of our work in the morning, hit the pool for a swim (with friends), eat lunch, and then finish the second half of our work load.  Our school day will be finished by 2-2:30pm.  After chores and homework, they are free to play. 

At this point, I want to add  that if you read my blog and do not homeschool, I pray that I never come across "opinionated" or "judgemental" of those families who do not homeschool.  It is a personal decision each family has to make. If I blog a lot about it during the school year, it is because the decision was made in our family to take this path, a path that is intricately entwined in our lives and this blog is reflection of my family life.


We had another show this weekend for our family business.  It was outdoors and  hot, but we managed with tons of agua and Gatorade. 

A few posts back, I asked you all to keep us in your prayers since David would be leaving the corporate world.

 Believing  it is very important to update people after you've asked them to pray for you...I want you all to know that David was asked to do some contract work for the corporate company!  It is a blessing in the sense that it takes the pressure off of David of having to sell x amount each month at Kitchens Alive.  So, thank you for all of those prayers!


We did manage to get in a date last night and went out to eat.  When we came home, I found a couple of girls who were lookin' like Bo Derrick! 

Now, I can bet my bottom dollar on the fact that when you were a little girl, and had straight hair, you had to have done this as know, to get the curly look going on?

Take a close look at the pictures from last night's enthusiasm to this morning's dismay...

They were not happy with the Mommy had to do some quick pig tail, rescue action. 

While in their glory, I did not have the heart to tell them how they were going to find their hair in the morning.  So I let them sleep on it. 

This morning, in the middle of taming Mabel's hair, she said, "I didn't even want to do this.  They told me that in the morning, I'd look just like Curly." 

Curly being the cute little neighbor girl that has a head of curly locks to behold!  :)

Hey.  An A for effort, right?


For all of those scrap book moms out do you do it?!  On Friday, I found the kids' yearly pictures from last year lying around.  So, I ran to Michael's, picked up a few supplies, and finished last year's photos.  I'm talking, I only do one photo each year and I still cannot get that done. 


Vent for the day...because the alarm wasn't set correctly, we slept in.  To work the booth at the show, we had to divide up Mass schedules.  I ended up going to a different parish. 

Have you ever come out of Mass totally rattled?  Unnerved? Frustrated?  You question if you even were at Mass...literally?  Ugh!   (I forewarn any readers who attend the parish I'll be speaking of in this vent.)

So I take Ester, Mabel and Stan to the other parish.  First, the new priest there is full of drama. I'm sure he is sincere in his enthusiasm..but there is still quite a bit of drama.   So much so...during the consecration of the Holy Eucharist it becomes  theatrical in a way that the whole moment is lost.  His theatrics...i.e. voice expressions, body movements...have completely placed the attention on him and not Him.  I looked around to find people chuckling to themselves.  That is how bad it was!

Next, is the choir.  They are wonderful, but again, theatrical. They sing so loudly and "modern"-like during the reception of the Holy Sacrament, you  cannot! for the life of you! concentrate on the intimate moment you have with God .  I was plugging my ears as hard as I could and they were still rockin' out!  I felt like everyone just went through the motions...and I felt really sad and frustrated about that. 

Finally came the "homily" delivered by the deacon.  He once spoke of how he voted for President Obama, and then decided to "preach" to us   his opinion   the "facts" of immigration legislation NEVER ones  praying for the end of abortion...not even during the petitions.  I could only shake my head.

My kids hardly paid attention...the music had them "entertained" and there was such a lack of reverence the entire time.  I couldn't blame the kiddos for not focusing. 

Now in defense of that parish, I have to say that they provide awesome, faith-filled speakers throughout the year.  Speakers from EWTN.  That is incredible and a total gift to the community.  But isn't the Mass most important? 

So, I vent! 


Tomorrow is Monday.  I'm thinking that I need to take a look at our summer bucket list since our summer vacation is quickly coming to an end.  

Also...Jen at Forever, For Always, No Matter What spoke of blueberries and recipes.  I have a great one that I found last year.  Heavenly.  I'll try to post it this week.

Until then, have a wonderful Sunday evening!


  1. how wonderful that your children are ahppy about their new books. Your Stan is a doll. and soon he'll have school books of his own. I'm sure he'll learn fso much just being around your homeschool.

  2. I can't wait for the recipe, my dh will be thrilled! Enjoy getting started with school, I always love the the beginning of the school year. Sorry about mass today - yikes! We managed to get out for dinner last night too, it was heavenly :)

  3. I remember the smell of new books and being sooo excited!
    I've left Mass a few times being extremely angry, so I know exactly what you're talking about. It makes me really upset when the priest uses the homily for his own agenda & to give his opinion on subjects. Ugh!

  4. I love new school stuff ....always have (new binder, new pencil case, new book bag, new crayons...all great stuff!!!). Funny because, as a kid, I wasn't big on school, just STARTING school--that was fun!
    Enjoy! We won't be officially starting till mid September!


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