Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Bucket List

On the home stretch, summer is.  We are rounding the corner with two of the three summer holidays being over.  Summer trip?  Been there, done that.  School books and school supplies are stacked neatly on the shelves in the stores (or in your home). 

And always a big sign that summer is nearing the end...the kids become a little feistier with one another...routine is needed once again.

When you walk outside and notice that the 90 day Miracle Grow potting soil is possibly running out of juice... 

...you know summer is coming to an end.  The flowers are starting to look a little pathetic...they've lost that freshly planted glow. 

The heat keeps us mostly indoors these days.  Spiders have taken control of the outdoors.  They leave notice with their freshly spun, silky webs....everywhere you go.

Even Stan found some while attempting to play in his rock box.

But you know what?  Live it up.  Love it up.  It will be gone before you know it.  I love the feel of the cold tile under bare feet...I love it when it is sooo hot that you don't want to cook in the kitchen.  You go for the grill.  Heck!  As far as I'm concerned...I just go for the freezer and could eat ice cream three times a day!

I love feeling the laziness that drifts in with the heat...lying on the couch, propping the feet up, and just being.

The crickets and cicadas are going strong day and night, sunflowers are stretching to their tallest height to catch the hot rays of the sun on their brown faces...and they just add to the beauty of summer coming to an end.

So, enter the review of our summer bucket list.  Knowing my kiddos love to swim...until their bodies become these pruny, raisin-like creatures...I decided to check off yet one more item on the list.  A night swim at the community pool...you know...with the swimming pool lights on! 

They've always wanted to do that.  And we haven't.  Ever.  We've lived here almost three years now and have never swam in the dark evening hours. 

When it comes to bedtime there have been so many evenings when I lie down and realize that I've been waiting for that moment of since I woke up!  Being tired by bedtime, I've never had the desire to take them for a swim late at night.  Until this year. 

They looked at me as though I lost my mind when I told them to gear up for a night swim. 

We  put on the suits, grabbed towels and flip-flops and headed up the road to the pool. 

I love how they love life! 

To have Daddy at the pool with them...at night...was a bonus! 

He gave them thrills that only a daddy can give. 

Of course, the begging and pleading for the Launch began almost immediately with Stan and Mabel.  They love the Launch.  The higher the better.  There was even a bit of stiff competition at the pool when another dad decided to show off his skills and that of his two sons. 

But Stan took home the gold when he added a little Kung Fu kick in his...

...we are deciding between Tai Kwon Do and gymnastics for Stan in the fall.  No sooner did the sun go down and the lights came on but Stan and Mabel were mastering their back flips with Daddy.

Don't worry.  They absolutely LOVE doing this!  The older girls were trying their hardest and had a blast doing so...not sure if they mastered the skill, but  they sure had fun trying!

I knew we hit the top 10 with this item on our list by the looks on all of their faces when 9:30pm rolled around and it was time to be getting out of the pool.

Even a yawn from Stan.

Those last two shots say it all.  All that happiness because we took them swimming "....when the pool lights were on!"  Love!  Love!  Love it!

We walked home to a balmy 90 degrees at 9:30 in the evening and my husband said, "Okay.  We've completed the bucket list." 

Then, I reminded him about the tickets to Six Flags that the kiddos earned for reading so many hours last year.  Our summer bucket list isn't quite complete.

Tonight, I will sleep with the happiness only a mother experiences when she knows how utterly overjoyed she made her children...and from something so simple.  Stopping and just being is a beautiful gift from God!


  1. Lovely images - Google Alerts pointed me in your direction - My children's book called "Stan and Mabel" is published in August and it coincides with the names of two lovely children on your blog! I loved the sound of 'Stan and Mabel' and thought it great for a kids book. Best wishes, Jason

  2. Love those swimming pictures! My kids would be so jealous to see a night time swim. We haven't used the neighborhood pool too much this summer yet, hopefully we will change that in August.

  3. Jason~ I will have to keep an eye out for that book! They would love to own a copy.

    Jen~ It truly was so rewarding to see their happy faces over something so simple.

  4. I remember night swimming when I was a kid! What great fun!

  5. You are such a good mommy. I know this was a summer to remember for your kiddos.

  6. Thanks, ladies!

    Kat~I give credit to my kids for helping me with my new mind-set and of course, blogging. Both keep me focused on the positive.

  7. I love Stan's Kung-Fu kick! Oh to be a child again!

  8. What a great time! I love swimming "with the lights on"!

  9. wow. so cool to go swimming at night, with the pool lights on. Daddy gave them all a real ride!! Love the shot of your daughter with the missing front tooth!!


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