Thursday, July 15, 2010

Special Little Somethings

Each child has a special "something" about them that makes them so precious.  Part of their unique personality you might say.   And as time keeps ticking on...that special something slowly fades and before you know it...poof!  it's gone and you cannot get it back.  I always found that part of growing up sad. 

Mabel's something "special" would be the way she hones in her unique language skills.  She has a way of creating her own language..some may see it as saving wasted breathe. 
For example...on our house hunting trip a few years ago, we were stopped at a traffic light when some driver, for some unknown reason, decided to just lay on his horn.  David and I were ignoring it but not Mabel.  It irritated her and she yelled out loud..."Who's  horning?!"

Yup! She said just that.  David and I looked at one another with that "what did she say" look and asked her to repeat it.  She did.  We died laughing.  She gave us her famous scowl.

Slowly...her little skill is fading away as she continues to blossom and grow.  But, she still has some doozies...

A few weeks ago, she was looking at a Hello Kitty book bag at Target.  Later, at home, she asked me how much I thought it cost.

Me: "I don't know.  Maybe 15 bucks."

Mabel:  "Man! I don't have enough."

Me:  "What happened to all of that money you had in your wallet?"

Mabel:  "I just have 3 bucks...and then a couple of 20's and a 10." 

And then there is the post I wrote back in May...check this one out.


  1. oh I love the wonderful things a child says. love her scowl!! BTW, I gave you an award today. Stop on by.

  2. This is a great post because I STILL make up words like "horning"! It always makes my husband chuckle!

  3. Gardenia, thanks for that beautiful award. I feel quite honored with that one!

    Maggie~those tongue twisters will only get better when you start chasing your little one around.

    Mrs. C~You, too, will start talking funny when your little one comes home! :)

  4. We sure do miss it when they grow out of that phase...we still use some of the phrases the older ones used when they were little...


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