Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rockin' Your Comfort Zone

Rockin' out of your comfort zone...have you tried it lately? It is so! hard! to! do!  Your emotions are working faster than your physical being, screaming, "Go for it," ...and you really want to...but  your brain is sending other commands that make you feel as though  your body is being  physically held back. 

And you teeter back and forth...on the brink.  You really want to do it but you hesitate.  You clench your fists, grit your teeth, give a squeal while you stomp your feet a billion times on the ground ...and then you do it! 

Screaming.  Laughing.  Filling with  pride because you just completely went out of your zone.  You conquered your fear.  You rocked your world!

Taking Ester on a bigger roller coaster...oh! that was hard for her and myself. 

I knew there were no upside down parts...she knew there was more height than what she was use to. 

I was still nervous...she was petrified. 

She squeezed her eyes shut, clutched my hand, and she begged to get off as we started rollin' on...and before we knew it, we were half way through it...

...she realized she had done it!  She had conquered  fear!

She was victorious and her face just beamed from ear to ear.  "I want to go on it again!"  She did...and ran for the line, this time dragging Daddy's hand! 

So if Ester can overcome fear...can't I?

My fear?  Don't laugh.  A body massage...actually, having someone else's hands on my body...during the massage!  But I went...had the gift certificate since March...and I conquered my fear.  I totally rocked my zone!

Can I hear an AMEN for body massages?!

Once it began, I was sold immediately. It included a facial, hand and foot scrub and a body massage. To kick it all off...I had a glass of wine and drank it in the most luxurious robe that I've ever laid fingers on!

I couldn't believe I was sitting there with my big, fancy robe, glass of wine in 2 in the afternoon!

Totally not my typical day!  It felt so surreal and I was laughing to myself thinking, "Girl, what are you doing here?  This is crazy."  And then I drank my glass of wine and laughed again.


Something really cool came across my blog the other day.  Jason Chapman, from Devon, England, left me a note about a new book he wrote and is about to be released....check out the title...

So I got up the nerve and emailed him...telling him about my dad who nicknamed my kids. 

This is Jason Chapman's website and I look forward to purchasing a copy...hopefully an autographed copy!


My friend, Sondra, rocked her comfort zone the other day when I had the honor of shooting her maternity  session.  She is pregnant with her 7th baby, her first boy!   Sondra is a true, beautiful, gentle woman of the south.  Out of respect for her privacy and shyness, I am keeping the photos under wraps...but let me say, they turned out beautiful!  Sondra, you rock!


In our house, we rock the Bluebell ice cream stock!  In our house, we could make three meals out of ice cream during the hot summer days in Texas. 

And when you see this can tell ice cream just rocks his world...and with that smile, he can rock the entire world!


David and I are seriously wanting to take dance lessons.   Long ago, the summer I met David, I took line dancing - by myself might I add!  I had so much fun...but being from up north and before country music was real big up there, I had no where to go and practice my moves

I would love to bust out of my comfort zone and hit the floor with some country dancing...twirling in a whirly-twirly skirt with real cowgirl boots that have a splash of color and sparkle in them. 

We are creating a fall bucket list...and I want to put two-step lesson right smack on the top fo the list! 


Does anyone else have a comfort zone that they busted out of lately?


  1. LOVE Bluebell! You can go to their website and get $1 off coupon, just in case you didn't know!

  2. So glad you had a relaxing day at the spa, what a wonderful treat:) Love the nickname story and the ice cream pics!

  3. I love the story of the nicknames....and that is so cool about that book! Do you know the author in real life, or is a blog fan?

    As for comfort zones, nothing is comfortable right now....but that could be the big dinner I just ate. :)

  4. I got my very first massage a couple days before my wedding and oh. my. gosh. I am so glad I did! I would LOOOOOVE to get a prenatal massage, but we can't really afford it plus we're no where near a good massage place.

    I haven't done anything out of my comfort zone lately. The next thing I do will probably be giving birth... haha!

  5. Mary~Thanks for the coupon mention. I will put that on my home school website.

    Jen~ Like your new picture! I miss my dad fiercely!

    Carol~Don't you have a huge move coming up soon? Hang in there. Not a zone I would want to be in. No, I do not know the author. He just popped in you could say!

    Maggie~Loved the comment about your Out of comfort zone that is coming up soon!

  6. what an upbeat post!! I do love massages. facials not so much. manicures and pedicures, oh yeah! good for you for giving it a try. now you're probably hooked on 'em. love your idea of a bucket list for the seasons!


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