Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Prince Charming...

...swept me off my feet when we were married 15 years ago tonight. 

(The paternal sides are all on the right-side of the frames...maternal sides are on the left-sides of the frames.)

Our grandparents were either immigrants that came over to America from the 'Old World' or first generation Americans.  Our parents were brought up with sound family morals and pride in their heritage...but, speaking only English "...because we were Americans now!"   (I wish they would have been taught their parents' native languages.) 

 They learned  how to navigate through hardships and struggles...The Depression, WWII, and all the other wars.  They reared their children through the crazy and changing times of the 60's and 70's. 

Yet, their morals remained strong and steadfast and they set a wonderful example of the Sacrament of Matrimony.  David's parents have been married for 55 years and my parents almost made it to their 50th  prior to Dad's passing.

Before we ever knew each other, David and I had been previously engaged to other people.  Thankfully, we both had seen the potential damage and ended those relationships.  When we did meet, we were 25, out of college, and instantly knew that we were made for each other. 

We started dating in August of 1994, were engaged in March of 1995 and married that July. 

I love simplicity...and our wedding was just that...simple and elegant.  We were married on a Friday evening with candles and a handful of violinists beautifully providing our music for the Mass.  Our guests included only our parents, siblings with their spouses and children, a handful of close friends, and Aunts and Uncles.  That was it.  Not even a cousin.  (Because of our big families, the total still came to 74 people.)

We enjoyed a sit down dinner to prime rib with family and friends...had a little bit of dancing...and then we were off to spend the rest of our lives together. 

We had decided to make our own anniversary tradition years ago.  For every five years, we'd get-away for a few nights, without the kids.  This year, Grandpa Bill turned 80 so we decided to use our time to visit family instead.  And I have to admit, I really miss our trip right now.   But, maybe later this year....and if not this year, I'm definitely holding David hostage for next July!

So, our big plans for the day?  We are taking the kiddos to Six Flags. I know... not very romantic but we already had four free tickets and no babysitter* was a no-brainer! 

*My dear friend, Sondra, did offer to watch our kiddos, but she is very pregnant with her 7th and I couldn't drop our kids off for the day and do that to her in the TX heat!  Thank you for your generous offer, Sondra.

It should be fun...Stan and Mabel went to bed last night insisting that they are going on Tony Hawks...riiiiiiight!

Mom, if you are reading this...thank you for all of your love, guidance, and witness to the sacrament throughout the years! 


  1. Patty,
    Been catching up. I loved all the vacation pictures, it looks like you had such a wonderful time visiting friends and family. Happy Anniversary and I hope you all have a blast at 6 Flags.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Thanks for sharing your story. We were married on a Friday evening too - I loved it.

    Also, have you read the book Simplicity Parenting? I think you would enjoy it. Have a great time at Six Flags:)

  3. Happy anniversary! I love what you did with your parents' wedding pictures! We didn't do anything romantic for our one year anniversary... being in the first weeks of pregnancy with that 'just threw up" glow made it kind of hard to get romantic! Have fun at Six Flags!

  4. Thanks, Ladies, for the well wishes! We are home, tired, showered (never felt sooo gross!) and ready for bed.

    Maggie~ I got that idea from my mother, but she had only one tri-fold set. I just doubled it for David's side and then put our picture in the middle.

    Liked the "throw up" glow comment!

  5. Hi Patty~ Just paying a visit since I saw you on Gardenia's lovely list. Happy Anniversary and beautiful blog you have here...God Bless you!


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