Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Life Is A Highway

I love that song and  I like Tom Petty's version.  It is amazing how many people come into our lives and touch us with some magic wand that colors our world with love.  The following faces are a few...

I'll start with The R. Family who live in Wentzville, MO...right outside of St. Louis.  We lived in Springfield, Illinois when they did...and moved when they did...and continue to home school our children, like they do.

It has been two long years since I last visited with Kim when she came to the DFW area to visit her sister who lives there.  It has been three years since the kids and hubbies have been together.  So there was a lot of fun to be had!

The girls had so much fun playing dolls with one another.  I love American Dolls not just because they are beautiful and teach some wonderful history lessons, but I truly love them because they allow tweens, like Sally & Ester, to entertain their fantasy and imaginations in an innocent way.

The Fourth of July brought good eats, good treats, and new friends to meet.  The R. Family  live on a cal-du-sac filled to the brim with children.  We arrived in time for  the neighborhood potluck followed by a wild game of kick ball and fireworks to light up the evening sky. And since I can laugh at should have seen MY kids play a REAL game of team-against-team kick can tell they are homeschooled!  But they did come around and showed improvement.

That last one is our answer to loud booms!  He was much happier that way.

We are so grateful for the warm hospitality we received and left with only the fondest of memories.

On Monday, we headed our for the second leg of our trip, Springfield, Illinois...our old stomping ground.    When we first moved there, before we had children, we were lucky enough to find  new neighbors... Charlie and Eleanor.

Charlie and Eleanor were married 60 years last Christmas.  Charlie was a very proud WWII  navy vet and was always full of fascinating quips and jokes.  Eleanor was his "wardrobe mistress"...Charlie's words, not mine...and she always had him dressed to the nines!  They were wonderful neighbors to have.   The kind  that made us feel like we struck gold when we moved in.

Charlie passed away this past winter and we will miss him terribly.  It felt strange arriving at their doorstep knowing that Charlie wasn't there.  Eleanor, a woman of 82, was waiting for us with hugs and kisses.  She is amazing and we were so happy to get a quick visit in with her to reminisce.

She let the kids play with Charlie's old lift recliner...she has a twin one as well.  (She slept in hers, next to his, in his last few weeks of his life.)  Eleanor was able to take care of Charlie at home up until the last few days of his life.  She is truly amazing and gives a wonderful testament to the sacrament of marriage!

By now Stan was starting to melt down...but we had another very important stop to make.  We really miss our friends (Stan's Godparents), Paul and Dottie.  They are an amazing couple who love us like we were their own family members.

When we went to pick Stan up, they stayed in our house with the girls the entire time.  That, alone, was such an amazing amount of help.  They were foster grandparents to our girls while we were away.   It is always so hard to say good-bye to these folks.

....and then we were on the road for our third leg of the childhood see my mom and family members.   We had some pretty tired kids by that time.

Stan slept like that for 2 hours!

My childhood home!

By the way...the kids LOVED their surprise goody bags! 
More to come....


  1. What a fun trip!
    Please feel free to take the "Substance" Award...I hated leaving people out!

  2. Your childhood home looks beautiful! And stan is so cute sleeping like that. His poor neck!


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