Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Bill!

We were six days into the trip when we made it to David's "childhood home" 

What a trip!  What better way to end this fun than with a party?!  We made it up to Roscoe, Illinois to celebrate Grandpa Bill's 80th birthday.

We haven't seen David's parents in 13 months so we were really excited. 

This is David's childhood home...nestled snug in three acres of beautiful white pines.  My in-laws built this house 36 years ago...when David was just 4 years old.

Grandpa had an amazing weekend celebrating with his wife, six children and 18 grandchildren.  David is the youngest of his siblings and they all came from near and far to honor their father.

The age of the grandkids range from 6 yrs to 30 yrs with the majority of them being in their 20's. 

Even though there are 18 grandchildren on this side of the family...only 5 kids are under the age of 10 compared to the 21 on my side.  So, life is a little bit more quiet on the grandkid- end when we visit David's side.

Grandma and Grandpa Bill have a lot of open space to walk, bike, take in nature, and even feed apples to horses.  Only when my camera wasn't in my hand did we see wild turkeys flying into the tree tops for the night...where they roost...or...the beautiful mama deer with her two fawns that stopped and watched us from the car window only three feet from us...or... the lady who rode her horse on the road in front of Grandpa and Grandma's house.  But still very cool to see!

These next two photos are of Mabel with her Godfather, Uncle Daniel.  Precious, aren't they?

The new game for us was Corn Hole!  Have you ever heard of it?  It is very addictive and totally fun!  My mom had sent us on the road with a new game of Yard Jarts.  They were a hit, too.

David and his siblings truly enjoyed just visiting, relaxing, and making each other laugh...and I'm talking belly-clutching-laugh-your-butt-off laugh!  I enjoyed hearing about all the wedding plans that are underway for Phoebe, Grace, and Melanie. 

The  birthday boy...

But...all good things must come to an end, right?  Good-bye's must be said yet again.  Tears must be wiped once more. 

We had reached the crest of the roller coaster ride and have filled out bellies full of "happy cake" along the way.  As we turn back south toward Texas, we are tired...but a good tired.   

We have two days of traveling along Rt 66 and I have already taken some neat photos that I want to share.  So as I typed before...there is more to come!

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