Thursday, July 8, 2010

Book Covers

The front door should be on the cover of the book of life.  It tells so many stories.  Cracking and creaking as you open it, each new day that you are blessed with is like entering into a new chapter. 

If you look closely at the picture of the front door you will notice an old small chain that "locked" the door.  We did not have a house key for it.  That was a problem, especially when the teen years fell upon the family.  With four or five kids heading out at night either with friends, dates, or (for me) babysitting, we had no way of locking the door. 

How do you know when you are the last one in?  Our general rule of thumb was to leave your shoes by the front door.  Most times it worked.  Some times it failed. On occasion,  I had to endure the experience of being dropped off by the parents of children I had been babysitting, climbing up to the front porch only to find the front door had been locked. 

As the parents were in the car, patiently waiting for me to turn around and give the "wave" signaling that I was okay, I found myself completely embarrassed.  I could feel their headlights shining on me and they would see that I wasn't able to enter. 

I'd then have to walk up the drive to my parents bedroom and tap on it, praying that they'd hear me over their snoring, all the while these car lights would be continuously shining.   Totally embarrassing.  Eventually, someone would hear me knocking on a window and come open the front door. 

Once the teen years descended upon the family, in order to keep the peace, the older three boys slept in the basement while the girls and the baby boys slept upstairs.  Mom and Dad had a small bedroom off the kitchen. 

On one particular occasion, my mom had heard someone entering way past the time  they should have been home.  In her grogginess, she wasn't able to tell if the culprit went upstairs or downstairs so she had no way of knowing if it was male or female.  No clue. 

Until she got out of bed.   She headed for the living room and proceeded to stick her foot into each set of shoes until she found the warmest - BINGO!  She had her suspect. 

It was that occasion that catapulted Mom into the realms of holy wisdom...through the eyes of a young teenager!


  1. Ha! What a wise woman of teens your mother was. I am going to remember that trick. Have fun in IL. I just LOVE reading your blog!

  2. How smart of your mom! I don't know that I would've thought of that! BUSTED!


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